Red Dead Online’s Criminal Underworld Update Bringing Home Burglaries And More

Red Dead Online’s next big update, going under the apt guise of the ‘Criminal Underworld,’ has been detailed by Rockstar, and it entails being able to conduct home robbery in Free Roam.

How this will play out isn’t clear just yet, but perhaps it’ll provide a new way to garner some quick cash while giving the bird to the lawmen, not unlike the store robberies in Grand Theft Auto 5’s own Online spin-off.

As for right now, you can link your Rockstar Games Social Club to your Prime Gaming account to get a free emote and 30% off the Bar Expansion and a Novice or Promising Moonshiner item of your choosing. This offer is up for grabs until July 5.

A good way to spend that saved money is at the stores where discounts are currently live from the Pennington Shovel that is 40% off to the Horse Lantern and Refined binoculars. All the Collector’s Role Outfits are 30% off as well.

There’s also 1.5X RDO$ on all Collectible Set sales and double XP for Collectibles this week. Meanwhile, there are bonuses in Name Your Weapon, Team Shootouts, Plunder, and Hostile Territory until June 16. So, you’ve got a week to make some extra cash.

The Criminal Underworld missions are coming this summer. In these, you’ll be taken to Saint-Denis where Angelo Bronte’s lieutenant, Guido Martelli, is waiting. He’s setting up his own criminal enterprise and that’s where you come in, helping form his lucrative network.

Now, we know that Free Roam will be expanded with the brand new home robbery system. Another means of being a lawbreaker is always welcome in this open-world western sandbox, so get ready to break into some unsuspecting sap’s humble abode in the heat of 2021’s mid-year update.

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