Red Dead Redemption 2 Player Finds Hidden Back To The Future Easter Egg

Red Dead Redemption 2 has been out for three and a half years and people are still finding secrets tucked away in its vast open world. The attention to detail in Rockstar's games is second to none, and this Back to the Future reference proves it.

In Roanoke Ridge New Hanover, if you go there during a thunderstorm just before 10pm, you can find a small cluster of dead, burnt-out trees. They say lightning never strikes twice, but it always hits this same spot at dead on ten.

That may initially seem like a bug, or just a weird coincidence, but it's actually a reference to the popular '80s sci-fi movie. In it, lightning strikes a clock tower at 10:04pm, causing the clock to become stuck at that time. It's not the exact time, which is a shame, but it's close enough, and the repetition proves it has to be intentional.

The video that uncovered this secret also found several more. For completionists, be sure to hold off on advancing the story until you get given a quest by Pearson to find him a rabbit in Chapter two. You'll be rewarded with a cool, unique denim jacket for your troubles.

Remember the weird pig farm everyone was talking about back when the game first came out? Aberdeen Pig Farm. Yeah, that one. Well, if you take the women inside out to a burned pit, she'll sob and start calling for her mum. You can just about make out the burnt corpse of a woman in there, presumably her mother. Grim stuff.

You may have heard of magicians who catch bullets between their teeth. This feat is, obviously, impossible and will lead to you getting shot to death. Still, the magician in the theatre shows in Red Dead seem to be actually magic, as they can pull the trick off successfully.

To prove they aren't faking, they'll call for an audience member to shoot them with their own gun. That's Arthur's cue to shoot the man in the face. To everyone's surprise, he survives!

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