Redditor Sent To COD: Warzone’s Gulag Lands Incredible Double Kill

Call of Duty: Warzone’s gulag is a box of despair and pain. Waiting for your turn to fight a close-quarters 1-vs-1 battle can seem useless and anxiety-inducing. As Ron Burgundy would say, “I’m in a [concrete] case of emotion!” However, players are finding more ways to maximize their potential while awaiting their fight.

Topping the list for craziest gulag moments, a player managed to land an incredible double kill by raining death from above. If you thought the clip of someone getting a killed with a rock was crazy, get a load of this.

Redditor “Viscerix” managed to use a rock to snipe a C4 that was planted on the wall. After the rock made contact with the charge, the explosive was set off and instantly killed the two combatants below. Considering how both fighters were sprinting around the arena – Viscerix’s timing couldn’t have been any cleaner.

After achieving his impressive double kill, he exclaimed, “I didn’t think that was possible!” Neither did anyone else; Or at least, no one expected something like that to ever happen.

Regardless, the explosive victory got the player a “Popcorn” Medal, earned by killing two or more players with a single explosive. Other Redditors were quick to express their awe at the insane clip, an undoubtedly difficult play to recreate.

There seems to be no shortage of crazy gulag moments lately, not to mention amazing plays during Warzone matches in general. For example, another Redditor, “xxsimmel,” won their gulag match and parachuted back onto the battlefield. It turns out xxsimmel was still hungry for action, however, and opted to land directly on a full team of three.

The result couldn’t have been any better. The player hopped into an idle SUV behind the opposing team – and put the pedal to the metal. Almost instantaneously, xxsimmel picked up a triple kill by running them over with the vehicle. If that isn’t a great way to return from the gulag, then I don’t know what is.

The development team has done a great job pumping out content for the title, recently adding a solos mode to Warzone. Although some doubters (such as Shroud) believe that the CoD entry has a limited shelf-life – players are still giving it plenty of love for the time being.

Sources: Reddit, YouTube

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