Redditors Are Discovering Spider-Man PS4 Had Some Amazingly Detailed Feet

A year and a half after it was first released, players of Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS4 continue to discover new and awesome details in the game.

2020 will mark the end of the PlayStation 4’s run as Sony’s most up-to-date console. Providing the release of the PlayStation 5 isn’t delayed, of course. The PS4’s legacy will be made up of a number of things. The almost 110 million units sold, its part in helping Grand Theft Auto V become the third best selling game of all time, and some of its fantastic exclusive titles.

Sorry God of War and The Last of Us, but Marvel’s Spider-Man tops the list of best PS4 exclusives. In a world where Marvel’s movies have become some of the highest-grossing of all time, the pressure was on for a Spidey game to be top-notch. Insomniac Games more than delivered on that front.

So much so that a year and a half after it was released, its players are still discovering some of the game’s more intricate details. Details that really don’t need to be there but once discovered, it makes Spider-Man‘s players fall in love with the title and its creators that little bit more. The latest discovery? The effort put into the soles of a couple of the web-slinger’s suits.

The Iron Spider suit’s armor, possibly the best in the game, gets even better when you look at the bottom of its feet. Not only are the thrusters there for all to see, which is cool enough as it is, but there are detailed scratch marks created by Spider-Man landing and launching from New York City’s rooftops. The discovery was posted and is now being appreciated on Reddit.

The other discovery was made by a Redditor using the Spider-Punk Suit. When Spidey’s feet are together in the suit, it forms a Spider-Man logo. Pretty cool. This isn’t the first detail to arise from Spider-Man long after its release. Its creators also revealed (because no one noticed) that its Jewish NPCs are nowhere to be seen when the game is played on a Saturday since that is the Sabbath in Judaism. Honestly, just give us Spider-Man 2 and give it to us now.

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