Redhill Games’ Nine To Five Open Beta Live On Steam

Redhill Games’ Nine to Five, a team-based tactical shooter from Redhill Games, has launched its open beta on Steam this weekend. The multiplayer shooter, which emphasizes tactics over twitch shooting, features three teams of three playing three-phase matches in which they must achieve an objective, which will determine their next objective.

Steam has announced, “Play the Nine to Five Beta Weekend now! Nine to Five is a free-to-play 3v3v3 first-person shooter, where you outsmart the competition. Being a mercenary is just another day at the office, but this time you will need more than pure reflexes to get the job done. Are you ready to make a killing?”

In an interview with Escapist Magazine, Redhill Games’ CEO Matias Myllyrinne said that Nine to Five is not a story-driven game though it contains world and context. The game, which is set in the near future when the last government has collapsed, has armed corporations fighting for influence and control. In this brutal landscape, being a mercenary is simply a job that might allow you to live and prosper.

“There are some great shooters out there that we love, but we feel there is room for fresh ideas and innovation. Nine to Five is built on the core idea that smart teamwork always triumphs over brute force and reflexes. We wanted a fresh new take on a genre that has gotten a bit chaotic in the recent years. Nine to Five is a tactical FPS where outsmarting the enemy is the only way to win,” Myllyrinne said.

Redhill Games, a free-to-play PC game studio headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, includes an international team of industry veterans. The company is backed by venture capital funds Makers Fund and Play Ventures as well as Unity founder David Helgason, former Epic Games president Dr. Michael Capps, Los Angeles-based investor and game executive Jason Kay, and Mika Reini, the former CFO of Remedy Entertainment.

To access the open beta, click the button on Nine to Five’s Steam page to receive an invite to download it.

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