Remedy’s Next Two Games Will (Probably) Be Epic Exclusives

Developer Remedy Entertainment has seen great success with the universally praised Control, and has moved on to show indications of new projects in the works. Most recently, it was found that the studio also behind Alan Wake and Quantum Break may be developing two Epic Games exclusive titles.

The news comes after Epic Games’ announcement that it would be starting a publishing company in Epic Games Publishing. Initially, it was said that Gen Studios, Remedy Entertainment, and Playdead had signed agreements with the label, indicating some high-production Epic Games exclusives may be headed our way.

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Remedy Entertainment creative director Sam Lake stated that “Epic understands what it takes to make a big game. They want to give us full creative freedom.”

Remedy Entertainment has two confirmed games in the works under the Epic Games Publishing label. The first is a described “AAA multi-platform game” that is currently in pre-production. The second is a project of lesser magnitude, though both of the games are being developed with Remedy’s Northlight engine, which was previously used in Quantum Break and Control.

The Epic Games-published titles will be released over “the next few years” on next-gen platforms and PC, according to Remedy. Further, Remedy will maintain their ownership of the IPs in production, with revenue earned being split between the developer and Epic Games.

Previously, Epic Games had touted the creative control allowed to developers under Epic Games Publishing, with the label covering localization costs, QA costs, marketing costs, and more.

While it’s stated that the new games in production from Remedy Entertainment will be multi-platform, it is almost certain that the games will be Epic Games Store exclusives on PC. More to the point, given Remedy’s proven creative potential with their recent works, Epic Games Publishing’s allowance of total creative control could unleash some seriously compelling content from the developer.

Remedy is also currently working on DLC for Control and at least three games that may or may not include those developed under Epic Games Publishing. The games include multiplayer live-service title Vanguard, the story mode for CrossFireX, and another unannounced game, which could be linked to Alan Wake or another existing Remedy IP.

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