Resident Evil 7: How To Beat The Final Boss In Not A Hero

The Baker family stand out as some of the most memorable antagonists in Resident Evil 7. Between Jack’s intimidating presence, Marguerite’s mania, and the sheer vileness that runs through Lucas, the Bakers are more nuanced villains than Resident Evil is used to. But they don’t all get what they deserve. Although Ethan manages to kill Marguerite in the main story and even subdue Jack, he never gets the chance to deal with Lucas once and for all. That honor belongs to Chris Redfield.

Set shortly after the events of Resident Evil 7, Not A Hero stars series regular Chris Redfield as he tracks down Lucas Baker on behalf of Blue Umbrella. Considerably more action packed than the main game, Not A Hero gives players the chance to rip through Molded while also featuring some of the best level design in Resident Evil 7. The central hub has a Metroid Prime quality unlike anything in the franchise, but Not A Hero’s Research Facility is one of Resident Evil’s best lab areas.

After using the Clown Key to unlock the Shield Machine and fight through a swarm of Molded, Chris reaches the Research Facility on his trail towards Lucas. Not A Hero builds up to a final confrontation between Chris and Lucas all game, finally wrapping up one of Resident Evil 7’s few loose threads.

Research Facility

The Research Facility is split across two floors and players should explore the first right away. Head into the double doors into the wall to reach a lab room with two Fumers being observed in another room. After exploring the lab, go through the decontamination corridor to enter the Fumer room. Quickly kill both with RAMROD ammo and then turn around and take down another Fumer about to ambush Chris. Make sure to read all the Files across both rooms to get a better understanding of Not A Hero’s story.

Exit the lab and head up the staircase to reach the second floor. There’s a Molded playing dead on a stretcher nearby. Walk by in order to trigger the Molded’s wake-up animation and then drop it dead with a Shotgun blast to the face. Walk down the hallway to see Lucas typing out an email in a locked room. He won’t notice Chris so head into the nearby storage room to find a power switch. Flip it and go confront Lucas.

Lucas will immediately run away at the sight of Chris, allowing players to read his email and explore the rest of the room safely. Grab the lockpick next to the Tape Recorder and then head back to the first floor to unlock the toolbox at the start of the area. Now return to where Lucas was to prep up for the final boss.

Inventory Prep

Resident Evil 7’s finale isn’t all too difficult. The final battle between Ethan and Eveline is more narrative and thematic than anything else. What gameplay challenge there is in the ending comes mainly from the Salt Mines beforehand. Not A Hero remedies this with a fairly difficult encounter with Mutated Lucas, so make sure to prepare accordingly.

Bring all the RADROM ammo you can carry (and hopefully you have a lot) along with all of Chris’ weapons, their respective ammunition, and all the First Aid Med you have left. Grenades also go a long way here, so make sure to arrange Chris’ kit accordingly. There are items to pick up in the boss arena, but nothing Chris especially needs so don’t fret about item space.

Final Battle

The key to defeating Mutated Lucas is an eye for detail. Lucas’ hulking body goes through a few stages that observant players will be able to counter against appropriately. Initially, Mutated Lucas shares the same properties as a Fumer or Mama Molded – requiring Chris to expend RAMROD ammo to disable Lucas’ regenerative abilities. Once the steam is off of Lucas’ body, Chris can switch over to regular ammo.

Mutated Lucas’ second phase spawns a glowing weak spot over his heart. The key here is to damage Mutated Lucas in the heart. While damage can be dealt anywhere (including the head), the heart puts him down the fastest. As Mutated Lucas wears down, he’ll eventually jump onto a tank before lunging at Chris. Mutated Lucas will start fighting up close so be ready to blast it in the chest and swap between weapons instead of reloading if he’s too close.

Make sure to save some RAMROD ammo for the final phase as well. The best time to swap in RAMROD after turning off Lucas’ regeneration is when he jumps onto the tank. At this point, he should have enough health where a few well placed RAMROD shots will take him down. Otherwise, keep steady shots on him with Thor’s Hammer and swap to Enhanced Handgun Ammo if necessary.

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