Resident Evil 7: How To Complete The Daughters DLC

After Resident Evil 5 and 6 more or less actionized the franchise completely at the expense of horror, Capcom made sure Resident Evil 7 served as a soft reboot of sorts. The previous games still happened in continuity, but RE7’s story is considerably more grounded, character driven, and emphasizes a level of horror & bioterrorism that Resident Evil hadn’t explored.

Resident Evil 7’s main story takes a lot of gameplay cues from the PlayStation original, downplaying enemy encounters while featuring the most puzzles in the series since Resident Evil 2. The DLC, on the other hand, focuses on all the different aspects that make Resident Evil the survival horror franchise it is. Not A Hero is action heavy, Jack’s 55th Birthday is tongue in cheek, and Daughters is a story driven prequel that sets the stage for RE7’s story.

Set three years before the events of Resident Evil 7, Daughters focuses on Zoe Baker’s last night with her family before Eveline infects them. Daughters is the most cinematic DLC in RE7 – playing out almost like an extended cutscene – but still features a decent amount of tension and multiple endings for players to unlock.

Exploring The Main House

Daughters is set entirely in the Baker’s Main House – the first major area in Resident Evil 7. While Jack and Marguerite will patrol certain areas later on into the DLC, there are no Molded to fight and Zoe has no means of defending herself. Daughters opens with Jack finding Eveline shipwrecked and bringing her upstairs to the Kid’s Room. Margueritte then tells Zoe to go bring Evie some clean clothes.

While Marguerite insists that Zoe go get the clean clothes for Evie, there’s crucial prepwork for the True Ending that can only be done during this opening section. After being given control to Zoe, watch Lucas type his password into his cellphone (1019) and then head into the Pantry (if Marguerite is in the way, just wait for her to move). Duck into the Pantry’s crawlspace and follow the path to find a Lockpick.

The crawlspace leads right into the Laundry Room where Zoe can conveniently pick up the laundry. Head upstairs, but instead of going to the Kid’s Room, hook into the Bathroom. Unlock the Bathroom drawer to grab a Small Component and instead of going to Evie, install the Component into Lucas’ trophy in the Kid’s Room. Head upstairs, read all of his documents, and go back down to give Eveline her clothes.

The Family Turns

After interacting with Eveline, the power will go out in the Baker home and Zoe will need to use a Lighter to get around. Fortunately, the actual lighting isn’t so dark where players familiar with the base game should struggle. Head on down to the Dining Area to find Lucas unconscious on the ground. After interacting with Lucas, head upstairs to the Bathroom to find Marguerite.

Marguerite will instantly turn on Zoe by spitting bugs in her face, having already been infected. After Jack rushes in to save Zoe, run down to the Garage and grab the Rope that’s hanging by the Baker’s car. Now return to the Bathroom to give Jack the Rope only to find him viciously beating Marguerite into the bathtub. Jack will turn around and start targeting Zoe, ready to make her Zoe’s sister.

Escaping The Second Floor

Immediately Quick Turn and rush into the Recreation Room. Jack is fairly slow compared to the main game, but don’t waste any time exploring the second floor. Once in the Recreation Room, shut the door and attach the Rope to the hook on the side. This will keep Jack locked out long enough for Zoe to find a way to escape.

Run into Grandma’s Room and check the side table by the door to pick up a Fork. Now run over to the boarded up window in the corner of the Recreation Room and angle Zoe’s vision so she can pry off the two screws holding up the board. Wait for the Fork animation to play out both time and climb in through the window onto the Balcony.

Jack will now turn his attention to Lucas, who players can hear being attacked through the walls. At the end of the Balcony is a metal sheet Zoe can pry open to loop back into the Main House, but keep in mind that this is where Daughters’ turning point happens for the ending: players who read Lucas’ notes earlier can open his red toolbox at the very end of the Balcony to find the White Dog Head. Otherwise, Zoe will need to escape by heading to the Garage.

Bad Ending

For the Bad Ending, ignore Lucas’ toolbox altogether and head into the Main Hall from the second floor. Zoe will now need to avoid Marguerite’s line of sight. Turn off the Lighter if it’s on and head down the stairs onto the first floor. Marguerite’s patrol pattern is fairly erratic, but her line of sight and peripheral vision are actually terrible.

So long as Zoe stays crouched, isn’t actively walking into her mother, and had her lighter off, Marguerite isn’t going to spot her. She’ll also occasionally walk up the stairs, giving players the perfect opportunity to unlock the Main Hall door back into the starting area. After unlocking the door, Marguerite will briefly regain her sanity, hand Zoe her keys, and send her off – before immediately falling back into Eveline’s grasp.

Run down the hallway to be ambushed by Jack. Hook into the Laundry Room and loop around the table to cut some distance. Now run down into the Garage and press the button. Jack will taunt Zoe and claim to hear her, but there’s plenty of time to sneak under the garage door while it’s opening. Once inside, open the car door and Zoe will be ambushed by her family, triggering the Bad Ending.

True Ending

After escaping Jack by cutting through the Balcony, squeeze through the shelf at the very end to find Lucas’ toolbox. So long as his notes were read during the opening section, Zoe will be able to pick up the White Dog’s Head. Pry open the metal sheet like before and then go confront Marguerite in the Main Hall.

Instead of unlocking the main door, head to the Cerberus door and fit in the White Dog’s Head. Run all the way to Zoe’s Trailer to find an unconscious Mia and read the notes on the table. Eveline will attack Zoe after she reads through the notes, triggering the True Ending’s cutscene. Zoe may have managed to escape, but it was only for a night – and this is her life for the next three years.

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