Resident Evil 7: How To Find The Crow Key & Defeat Marguerite

No Resident Evil game is complete without a location split or two. The original Resident Evil began in the Spencer Mansion, moved out to the Courtyard, and ended in an underground laboratory for the grand finale. Each Resident Evil since has tried making the most of varied settings, to mixed results. Thankfully, Resident Evil 7 makes strong use of its setting without losing its horror tone – something even the best games in the franchise struggles with pulling off.

Upon completing the Cerberus statue guarding the front door, Ethan finally exits Resident Evil 7’s Main House and makes it outside. From the Yard, players can access Zoe’s Trailer and a dark path that leads down to the Old House – an abandoned abode on the water that’s utterly condemned. And now guarded by Marguerite, taking cues from Jack himself.

Players’ end goal inside the Old House is to find the Crow Key, but that’s easier said than done. Resident Evil 7 introduces new enemies, new weapons, and a new boss while building up to the Crow Key – all while set in the game’s creepiest setting. If players are careful, though, they can find the Crow Key and defeat Marguerite in no time at all.

Find The Stone Statuette

Before Ethan can grab the Crow Key, he needs the Stone Statuette and the Crank. The key to finding the Crow Key is unlocking a secret passage in the Gallery – the same one Mia opened in the “Mia” tape. When players reach the Gallery as Ethan, however, the Stone Statuette of the spider is missing.

Grab the Burner Grip on the deck in a trash can and the Burner Nozzle in the Water Station to combine them into the Burner. Use the Burner to incinerate any bug nests in the Old House. After clearing out the Living Room, Ethan will be able to head down into the Old House cellar. This’ll lead players right to the Stone Statuette.

Find The Crank

With the Stone Statuette in hand, it’s time to head back to the Gallery. As Ethan makes his way into the Old House, however, Marguerite will cut him off and block direct access to the main room. She’ll also start stalking the halls much like Jack did, spawning Spiders that lunge at Ethan if he gets too close to her.

Carefully stealth back to the Gallery and make sure Marguerite is not in the room when attempting the spider puzzle. To solve the puzzle, simply rearrange the Statuette to match the Spider on the painting. Once Ethan has completed the puzzle, a bug filled passage will open in the walls, leading to the other side of the house.

Head up the nearby stairs to be blocked by a Crow Door. Enter the crawlspace to the right and follow the path all the way down to find the Crank. Head back up the crawlspace, use the Crank to lower a bridge between both halves of the house and head to the bridge by the Water Station. Using the Crank out will lower a bridge to a shed with the Crow Key.

Marguerite Fight

Now that the Crow Key has finally been unlocked, players can unlock the door on the other side of the Old House (unlock with two rooms inside of the Main House). Once Ethan starts making his way up the stairs to the Crow door, however, Marguerite will jump him and send him tumbling down through the floor. A boss battle will commence where Ethan has to shoot Marguerite from down below while she attacks from up above.

While fighting Marguerite at an angle poses a natural disadvantage, this is actually one of the simpler boss fights in the game. Shoot her in the head with the Handgun to stun her and then use the Burner whenever she summons flying bugs to attack Ethan. It’s not really necessary, but a few shotgun blasts to the head will also end the fight quickly.

After dealing enough damage, Marguerite will eventually fall into the pit down below and start melting. At which point players should climb up the ladder and get out of there as soon as possible. With Marguerite dealt with (for now), players are finally free to explore the rest of the Old House.

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