Resident Evil New-Gen Upgrades Will Support Save Transferring

Resident Evil 2, 3, and 7 are being brought to current-gen with brand-new ports at no extra cost. And what's more, you can transfer your old save data – that infinite RPG will still be in the store. Nemesis doesn't stand a chance.

"We're happy to confirm that save data from the original PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of these games will carry over to their respective upgraded versions," Resident Evil wrote on Twitter. "DLC that comes with Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition will transfer over, as well!"

You can start fresh if you'd like, tossing aside the infinite ammo arsenal for a challenge, or you can toss aside the main games and play Resident Evil 2's Tofu mode. Regardless, the current-gen upgrades will let you bring over your old data, picking up where you left off. If you never got around to finishing 2, 3, or 7, but have a save file that's a decent way through the game, then you can finally push to the finish line.

If you're on PC, Resident Evil 2, 3, and 7 are also getting an upgrade in the form of patches. The PS5 and Xbox versions will be new downloads entirely, though. But there's a lot of new bells and whistles that you'll get access to.

The games are adding ray-tracing, higher frame rate, 3D audio, adaptive trigger support, and haptic feedback. So you can experience the horrors of Mr. X, Nemesis, and Jack Baker in current-gen fidelity with even more immersive sound design. Those stomping footsteps in the hallway just got more intense.

All that's left to clarify is whether trophies will carry over or if we can expect a whole new list.

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