Resident Evil Village: All Goat Locations

The Resident Evil series is a highly recognized member of the survival horror genre. Though not all of its titles have been well-received, the most recent entry, Resident Evil Village, exploded in popularity across the world.

Covering more traditional and supernatural horror elements such as vampires and werewolves, it's clear that it's not lost its haunting edge. Although you're probably going to be focused on all the horror, you're going to want to keep an eye out for the Goats of Warding.

What Are The Goats Of Warding?

While exploring Resident Evil Village, you can come across strange wooden goat statues in hidden areas. They’re wooden sculptures with a mechanism that makes their heads bob up and down. Though they’re not necessary for completing the story, destroying a Goat will net you 500 CP, the Cynic Award, and a RE.NET icon. Destroying all of them will earn you 16,000 CP, the Heretic Award, and an additional icon.

Where To Find Every Goat In Resident Evil Village

The goats are scattered throughout the game and can be destroyed with any type of weapon even from a long distance.

  • Goat #1 and #2: In the Graveyard near the Maiden Of War, you’ll see a shrine emitting an orange glow. The first goat will be nestled inside while the second will be on a rooftop visible from over the fence behind the shrine.
  • Goat #3: In the Fallow Plot, stay to the north side. The goat will be on the rooftop of a stone building with shingles.
  • Goat #4: At the entrance to the Vineyard, turn right and go towards the scarecrow at the back of the plot. The goat will be behind a pine tree next to it.
  • Goat #5: Go to the Hall Of Ablution in Castle Dimitrescu and down the stairs. Keep going, climb down the ladder, and you’ll see the goat in a corner with candles.
  • Goat #6: Go to the Atelier in Castle Dimitrescu and go through the hole in the wall at the back. Turn right and climb up the ladder to find the goat behind you.
  • Goat #7: Head towards the Lone Road but before going up the stone steps, turn left and go down the wooden steps. At the bottom, turn around to find a stone alcove with the goat inside.
  • Goat #8: From the Maiden Of War, take the road that leads to the West Old Town and take the first right. Follow the road until you reach a gate on the left with a notice on it. Go through it, and you’ll find the goat on the side of the house above the firewood.
  • Goat #9: Once you have the Iron Insignia Key, head back to the Graveyard and go past the chapel to find a gate at the top of some stairs. Unlock it and go to the side of the crypt on the far right to find the goat.
  • Goat #10: On the bridge past Potter’s Field, look to the left to see the goat on an adjacent bridge.
  • Goat #11: On the porch of House Beneviento, follow it to the left and go down the steps. The goat will be on the other side of a metal fence.
  • Goat #12: When you’re visiting the stopped Windmill, go around the outside of it to find the goat by some logs.
  • Goat #13: When you’re in the Reservoir, get to a vantage point and look out towards the water. The goat will be perched on a wooden pole.
  • Goat #14: In the underground area past the Drowned Houses, go through the gate with winged rings on it. Take the first left and head back outside to make your way to the broken Windmill. Go down into it, and you’ll find the goat to the left of the doorway after going through it.
  • Goat #15: In the Graveyard, go through the gates with the winged rings. Turn left from the Good Luck sign until you reach the river. Go in the river and under the wooden structure to find a shrine with a goat.
  • Goat #16: Once you reach the circular chamber, go down the spiraling stairs. At the bottom, turn to the right to see find the goat behind some buckets.
  • Goat #17: In the Ventilation Duct, turn away from the large gear to find the goat lying on some metal barriers.
  • Goat #18: In the Factory, make your way to the red elevator and go to B3. Look through the gates to see the goat perched on a girder as the elevator descends.
  • Goat #19: In the control room outside the Cargo Bay, go to the far wall and crawl through the air duct. The goat will be standing on a table.
  • Goat #20: When you reach the large Fungal Root, turn to the right and look through the roots. The goat will be standing underneath a statue.

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