Resident Evil Village Is The Most Completed Game Of 2021

This year has been quite a year for game releases. From the time-bending action of Deathloop and the retro fun of Metroid Dread to the cooperative puzzles of It Takes Two and the remaster of much-loved Alan Wake, the year was filled with something for everyone. While there was plenty for players to sink their teeth into, it looks like one game stood out amongst the rest as something people just couldn’t stop playing. New data shows that Resident Evil Village was the game that most players completed this year.

According to the statistics found on HowLongToBeat, Resident Evil Village was the most completed game released in 2021. The first person horror game takes the top spot with 2,500 users having beat the game from start to finish. It is closely followed by Metroid Dread with 2,200 players having completing the game. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart rounds out the top three with 1,300 users completing the main story.

HowLongToBeat also contains some other interesting data concerning gaming this year. Resident Evil Village for example holds the top spot for the most speed runs with 53 users having raced through the halls of Castle Dimitrescu. Mass Effect Legendary Edition takes home the title of the best rated game with a score of 93% as well. On the other side of that sits Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance as the worst-rated game with a score of just 43%.

Overall, the top game of 2021 for the site goes to the recently released Halo Infinite. While most people may have completed Resident Evil Village, the title sits at eighth on the year’s most popular games behind Shin Megami Tensei V and Game of the Year winner It Takes Two.

It was a good year for Resident Evil Village which hit 5 million units sold back in October. Plus Lady Dimitrescu herself, Maggie Robertson, just nabbed Performance of the Year at The Game Awards.

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