Resident Evil’s Nemesis Invades LifeAfter During Exclusive Crossover Event

Resident Evil and LifeAfter are hosting a crossover event with, yes, tons of zombies.

If you’ve played LifeAfter, the mobile survival game from Diablo Immortal developer NetEase, then this Resident Evil crossover event totally makes sense. The game’s zombies were already heavily inspired by Resident Evil, so having those zombies take on an even greater Resident Evil flavor isn’t much of a sidestep.

From now until September 10th, LifeAfter players can take part in the LifeAfter X Resident Evil event. Umbrella has invaded the post-apocalyptic world of LifeAfter and brought with them “iconic Resident Evil items” like red and green herbs, as well as equally iconic Resident Evil bosses like Mr. X and Nemesis.

Start in Raccoon City Police Department and fight your way through hordes of zombies while fleeing the dreaded Tyrant. Hack your way into safety deposit boxes for keys to escape (which are actually medallions, because this is Resident Evil after all) and then confront the final boss with as much firepower as you can muster.

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Rewards for completing the event include tons of Residen Evil-themed cosmetics like costumes for Leon S. Kennedy and Ada Wong, themed decorations, and Resident Evil motorcycles. Login once and get the Ada Wong figurine and an exclusive photo frame, and login seven times to get a special LifeAfter X Resident Evil backpack.

Promo images also include Wesker, although it’s not really clear where he ties into the whole story. But he’s there, so you’re probably going to meet him at some point.

LifeAfter is available on iOS and Android as a free-to-play game with microtransactions. the LifeAfter X Resident Evil crossover event runs from now until September 10th.

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