Rhythm Based Amazing Bomberman Comes To Apple Arcade August 5

It's easy to associate Bomberman with some ridiculously fun times playing multiplayer on the SNES back in the 1990s and cracking up as we tried to bomb each other to oblivion, chasing power ups, and narrowly dodging the bomb blasts of other players. Alright, that might be just me, but it's a classic series, the type of game that lends itself to flowy sessions and memorable turns. Now, Bomberman is going to be available to the millions of iOS users, well as long as you're subscribed to Apple Arcade.

Konami's Amazing Bomberman has your classic bombing action, but it's spliced with music and visuals that vaguely recall Tetris Effect. "Amazing Bomberman is a new Bomberman game with excellent music and visual effects", reads the App Store description. While we'll be the judge of the "excellent" music and effects, from the looks of the trailer the game does look suitably zany and rhythmic.

What else do you need to know? Well, it teases online battles anytime, anywhere, and a unique feature of this iOS exclusive: Amazing Bomberman features stages that will change to the rhythm of the music, while many of tunes were written specially for the game. There's a practice mode for solo players and friends can take each other on in Friend Battle mode. Items can be collected for customisation.

"The bomb placement and explosion sounds change with the songs, and the battle time also changes depending on the song," Konami's description on the game's webpage reads. "When the song gets exciting, blocks will drop, and items may appear when you break them with bombs".

This game won't be one-strike-and-you're-out either as players can keep reviving Bomberman as long as the song is still playing. Up to four players will be competing for the highest score during the song. Featured artists on the soundtrack include Rasmus Faber, Dizzly, and Masahiro "Godspeed" Aoki, among others.

Amazing Bomberman is on Apple Arcade starting August 5. The subscription service, which offers over 200 games, costs £4.99/$4.99 a month. But it's worth checking online or on an iOS device as Apple offers a free one-month trial of the service to see if you're eligible.

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