River City Girls 2 Has Been Delayed

River City Girls 2 publisher WayForward has announced that the game's North American release has been delayed until after Summer 2022. Unfortunately, it didn't provide a new release date but told fans to "stay tuned" for more info.

Announced via WayForward's official Twitter account, the publisher told fans that River City Girls 2 will now launch "after its originally expected late summer 2022 release window" in North America to make sure the game is "the most polished experience possible." In an attempt to soften the blow until it's ready to announce a new date, WayForward also gave fans a new piece of cover art to comb over.

River City Girls 2 was originally meant to release in Summer 2022, as announced during a Limited Runs stream during E3 last year. Fans had been concerned about the state of the game due to WayForward's lack of updates, and the game's recent delay to December 1 over in Japan raised fears that a delay was coming for other territories. WayForward hasn't announced a delay for the European version of River City Girls 2 yet, but it's best to assume it has been delayed as well.

If you're unfamiliar with the River City Girls franchise, the first game has players taking on the role of either Misako or Kunio as they explore River City in an attempt to find their missing boyfriends.

The game and its sequel are traditional side-scrolling beat-em-ups and are spin-offs of the River City franchise. While we don't know what River City Girls 2 is about, it has been confirmed that Double Dragon and River City: Ransom characters Marian and Provie will be available as playable characters, as are the first game's love interests Kunio and Riki.

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