Roblox: How To Get The Maneki-Neko In Adopt Me!

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Adopt Me! on Roblox has dozens of different pets that you can hatch from eggs and raise. These pets come from a wide variety of egg types, some more valuable than others. One of the rarer pets that you can obtain is the Maneki-Neko, a cute yellow Legendary cat.

In this guide, we are going to take a look at how you can get the Maneki-Neko. Additionally, we will look at how to make a Neon and Mega Neon version of this pet. First, let's take a look at what egg this cat comes from.

Buying A Japan Egg

Maneki-Nekos hatch from Japan Eggs, which can be purchased from the Gumball Machine inside the Nursery. In the image above, you can see Japan Eggs inside the machine.

Each egg will cost you 750 bucks. Once purchased, the egg will immediately join you, and whatever pet that you previously had will return to your inventory.

Eggs in the Gumball Machine rotate, which means that eventually, the Japan Egg will be replaced by a new one. Fortunately, eggs remain in the Gumball Machine for several months, so you have more than enough time to buy a few.

Hatching A Maneki-Neko

Once you have a Japan Egg, you will need to take care of it. After the meter above your egg fills up, it will hatch.

The Maneki-Neko is a legendary pet, which means that you have a five percent chance to get one from a Japan Egg. This isn't very high, which means you will probably need to buy several eggs to get this cat.

Trading For A Maneki-Neko

In addition to hatching a Maneki-Neko, you can also trade for one. As a legendary pet, you will need to have a trade license to trade with others.

To begin trading, mention in the chat what you are looking for. You can even mention what you are willing to trade in exchange. After a while, someone may take you up on the offer and request to trade with you.

You can trade another legendary pet, as well as several other pets. Head over to the Adopt Me! Trading Values site to see what other players have traded in exchange for a Maneki-Neko.

Neon And Mega Neon Nekos

To make a Neon Maneki-Neko, you will need to have four of the original pet. Once you have four, head to the Neon Cave located under the bridge leading to Adoption Island. Inside the cave, you will see four glowing circles; placing your Maneki-Nekos on these circles will cause them to combine into one Neon Maneki-Neko.

The Mega Neon requires you to do the same thing, but with four Neon Maneki-Nekos. Placing one Neon version in each circle of the cave will cause them to combine once again into the Mega Neon Maneki-Neko. Overall, this means that you will need a total of 16 Maneki-Nekos to make one Mega Neon version.

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