Rocket League meets Tron in Gravity Goal from 2K Games claims insider

A new 2K Games project that sounds like Rocket League but with bikes is set to be announced in the coming months.

Ubisoft is not the only publisher attempting to expand its stable of free-to-play games, with Take-Two also rumoured to be planning a new title. Titled Gravity Goal, it very much sounds like it’s looking to compete with Rocket League.

The game involves players (either in one-on-one matches or in teams of two or three) driving vehicles to knock a ball into their opponent’s goal. So, exactly like Rocket League then. Except the key difference is that players drive bikes instead of cars.

What’s more, unlike Rocket League, you’ll be able to attack opponents by throwing disc-shaped weapons. If the image of people riding bikes while throwing discs at each other reminds you of Tron, that’s probably intentional.

The sources say that the game features a futuristic aesthetic with bright colours, with the discs said to look like hockey pucks with LED lights. Even the bikes are described as looking very similar to the ones seen in the Tron movies.

Although the rumours aren’t that specific, it sounds like Gravity Goal is taking more inspiration from Tron Legacy than the original movie from the 80s, which had a notably different aesthetic.

Take-Two has already said they plan to release a total of 26 free-to-play games by the end of April 2024, and yet so far hasn’t announced any. The implication of this rumour is that Gravity Goal will be one of the first.

This comes from eXputer and renowned leaker Tom Henderson, who also recently leaked details on an upcoming Ubisoft multiplayer game titled Project Q (which Ubisoft soon admitted to).

Henderson claims to have seen images provided by his sources, although he hasn’t shared any of them himself.

Earlier this year, a separate report claimed that Take-Two has also signed a new partnership with Lego. The two companies plan to release several sports games, with the first being a football game developed by Sackboy: A Big Adventure studio Sumo Digital.

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