Rockstar Games’ next game should be an open world sci-fi game – Reader’s Feature

A reader is inspired by the mysterious new artwork on Rockstar’s website and suggests they make a sex-filled sci-fi game.

If there’s one rule of thumb with unexplained video game teases, it’s that you should assume the explanation is the least interesting one possible. I loved the look of the new artwork that appeared on Rockstar’s website this week, and which many tried to convince themselves was a hint at Vice City 2 or GTA 6. But let’s face it, it’s not going to be is it? It’s probably just a bit of random artwork for the website or, at best, something to do with GTA Online.

But I really do wish Rockstar would make a sci-fi game. Something based around that artwork would be fantastic, or really just anything other than the usual grey corridors and Blade Runner style misery. Unless you count stuff back when they were DMA Design, Rockstar haven’t really ever done a science fiction game. I think they think it’s too nerdy for their image, even though GTA Online now is filled with flying motorcycles and other nonsense.

The reason I’d want them to do it though is precisely because they wouldn’t, I assume, go for the usual or obvious. I’m imagining some kind of 70s or 80s style semi-utopia, where things are more or less great but people are still people so there’s a lot of crime and politics to deal with. I’m imagining Star Trek but with a lot more sex and violence, since that’s what real people are interested in and Rockstar are obviously known for.

Considering how much things have changed in the last 10 or 20 years, just imagine how things like sexual identity, marriage, and opinions on public decency are likely to change in 100 years’ time. It’d be probably unrecognisable, with people able to customise their bodies however they want and robots programmed to fulfil any fantasy.

For obvious reasons sci-fi films never even touch on this but I’d love to see Rockstar at least try to tackle some of these topics, I’m sure it’d be right up their alley. Add in a unique art style, maybe influenced by that bit of artwork, and you’d have something that would instantly have people talking.

In terms of gameplay I’d imagine something open world but where the difficulty isn’t killing people it’s getting away with it. Once we’ve got miniature drones flying around they could kill anyone easily without anyone even having to raise a gun, so I imagine the future as being a war between drone deterrents not the drones themselves.

But I don’t know, I’m not a game designer. As long as it has flying cars, sexy robots, and funny Rockstar dialogue I’d be spamming that pre-order button faster than anyone.

The problem is we don’t know whether they’re going to make any new game, let alone a sci-fi one, but I hope that’s the direction they go, instead of just alternating GTA and Red Dead Redemption forever.

By reader Serpentor

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