Rogue Company: How To Play And Win Demolition Mode

Rogue Company has a few modes for you to play, and one of them is called Demolition. It is what mode you will be in when you finally reach level 30 and can play ranked. Unfortunately, many players struggle in this mode and it can take the fun out of the game.

There are a few tips and tricks you can use to excel in these matches, even if you are playing with a group of randoms. Everyone has their own playstyle, but these are a few surefire ways to make sure you are successful when playing Demolition in Rogue Company!

 How To Play

This game mode is relatively straightforward and has two sites where a bomb can be planted. If you are on the attacking side then you will be tasked with planting the bomb, while the defending team must stop it from exploding by defusing it.

The round is over when:

  • The 1:54 time limit on the round ends
  • All of the players on one team are eliminated
  • The bomb explodes after 40 seconds
  • The defending team diffuses the bomb

You should keep in mind that the time for the bomb to explode will pause when you go to defuse it, unlike in other games like Call of Duty. There is also a minimum of seven rounds, so while they are quicker than those in Strikeout mode, the game can last quite a while.

Don’t Camp The Wrong Location

When you are flying into the map you should look across and see where your opponent’s sky trail is going. The sky trail is the red-colored smoke that billows out behind them as they jump into the map. Whether they choose the left or right side of the map is generally a good predictor as to where they plan on planting the bomb, but beginners often don’t realize this.

It’s also important to be aware of what’s going on so the bomb isn’t planted in one location, yet you are camping the other. It won’t help your team when you are watching an area that no one cares about.

Communicate And Listen To Your Teammates

Communication is the key to victory, whether you use your mic to talk to them or if you use the ping system. It’s also important to listen to your teammates in combat and heed their advice or discuss a different strategy with them as choosing to work against them is not going to help you win.

One thing to keep in mind is that while your teammates are there to assist you, they cannot always be relied on. This is especially true when it comes to covering corners, as randoms are not always the best at being where they need to be even after several pings.

Choose The Right Rogue

The best Rogues to pick are those who are great for aggressive actions, or those with intel who can help you be more aware of the map.

A few of the best Rogues to use in Demolition include:

  • Lancer
  • The Fixer
  • Talon
  • Ronin
  • Dallas (a complete guide to his abilities can be found here)

Talon, The Fixer, and Dallas both provide Radar, which can help your team determine the opponent’s location. Lancer is great for pushing forward as her perk gives her speed, and Ronin has the best of both worlds as her SMG allows her to be aggressive, while her knife can be used as an alert when a team enters a certain area.

Find Your Strategy

You need to find the right strategy on both offense and defense, and this is true for every game mode. If you are on defense this could mean splitting your forces in two or choosing to hit each of the bombs as a squad. Some teams also like to send someone to flank a team after the bomb has been planted, but this strategy doesn’t always work, especially if they are watching for it.

If you are on offense, there are several routes you could take. One strategy is to send three teammates one direction to draw them in, then send the last person on the team to the other bomb site. It is also recommended you switch up your strategies every now and then to keep your opponent on their toes.

Also, when jumping in, don’t always go to the bomb site on the same side on which you landed. The opponent will eventually catch on and be waiting for you well before you can even put a finger on the trigger.

Take The High Ground

There are climbable objects throughout the maps, and it is always best if you take the high ground. This is best used when you are camping a specific location, whether watching a bomb site or preventing a bomb from being diffused. You would be surprised how many players neglect to look up, but it also provides you with some cover if they do happen to look your way.

Don’t Forget To Diffuse The Bomb

The biggest mistake newer players often make is forgetting to diffuse the bomb. They end up off in another world as they dutifully watch a bomb site with their best gun, despite their teammate’s pings and the fact that the bomb has been planted elsewhere. You don’t want to be this person who causes their team the game all because of a stupid mistake that is easily avoidable.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

You want to work smarter and not harder, which applies to several situations within this game mode, even if it makes for some great memes. The best example is that when you are on defense and you kill the player who had the bomb, you just have to camp their dead body.

There is no need to run across the map to kill their teammates when they have to come to you in order to retrieve the bomb. This usually ends up in your death and an avoidable loss.

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