Rumor: Battlefield 2021 To Be Added To Xbox Game Pass On Day 1

Battlefield 2021 has been seeing a lot of press coverage lately with numerous leaks and rumors popping up on Reddit and Twitter. The game is releasing later this year as it’s been officially confirmed by EA. However, apart from that, we’ve got no official details on this new Battlefield installment in the franchise. Earlier this month, there was a rumor that hinted at possible map-changing natural disasters that could take place in Battlefield 2021. We’ve got some more news from the same leaker.

This news comes from Shpeshal Ed of the XboxEra podcast. During the podcast episode 51, Ed revealed that there’s a third-party AAA first-person shooter that is “highly likely to be launching in [Xbox] Game Pass this fall.”

Shortly after, Okami, who is also a well-known leaker for Call of Duty stuff, tweeted this clip with the caption, “Could Battlefield 2021 could be a Game Pass Day 1 title?” Tom Henderson, who has been sharing leaks for Call of Duty and now Battlefield 2021, quote retweeted this clip with an interesting gif:

We do have to mention that there’s nothing officially confirmed about this rumor. So, take everything with a grain of salt. Henderson also revealed a whole bunch of details for Battlefield 2021 in one of their weekly newsletters.

In that newsletter, Henderson mentioned that Battlefield 2021 will be called just “Battlefield” with no numbers after that. Also, that the game is very similar to Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4 and takes place ten to fifteen years into the future. The game features somewhat futuristic equipment like robots.

For multiplayer, the report suggests that the new Battlefield game is described as “Battlefield 3/4 on steroids” which is very interesting. Also, for all battle royale players out there, according to the same report, there will be a new battle royale mode coming in Battlefield 2021 that’s not called “Firestorm” and will adopt a brand-new name.

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