RuneScape’s Brand New Skill, Archaeology, Arrives On March 30th

After its initial announcement at RuneFest last year, the new Archeology skill will be making its way to RuneScape on March 30.

The release date comes from the official RuneScape site from Jagex. According to the developers, players will have to use a mattock and their knowledge to solve some of the “biggest mysteries of Gielinor’s past.” As part of the skill, players will be excavating various artifacts, restoring them, and gaining their powers in return. Further stated by the official announcement, those who choose to level up Archeology will have the ability to “rediscover the art of ancient Summoning, reinvent bygone technologies […],” and ultimately earn themselves the name of Archeology Master.

This isn’t the only aspect of Archeology fans can explore, however. Jagex further explained the skill by saying how it will be “absolutely rammed” with content. Aside from being a Manufacturing and Gathering skill, Archeology will have six large areas for players to explore and level up in, as well as have rewards that will yield “significant gameplay benefits.” Additionally, Jagex has promised plans and updates for post-release and support throughout the year as well.

As one might have already expected, the highest level for the Archeology skill will be 120, but that will be for Members. Free-to-play players can expect to level up the first 20 levels, which Jagex estimates will be around two hours of content.

Archeology joins a robust collection of other skills that are available for players to increase and expand their gameplay with. Although classic skills like Firemaking, Cooking, and Smithing were in the game since day one, additional skills were released over the course of RuneScape‘s lifetime. Archeology is essentially the latest skill that players can check out and see what kind of rewards it grants them.

Since RuneScape will be receiving additional content updates that heavily focus on Archeology, players can expect various ways to level up the skill. In other words, content like mini-games, quests that rely on having a high level in Archeology, items, powerups, and more can be expected. Also, depending on what it takes to level the Archeology skill up, multiple guides and tutorials will be posted online in order to help players out.

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