Sail Forth: Autumn Isles Walkthrough

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The giant blue sea in Sail Forth is divided into multiple areas, and you can't progress from one area to another until you beat the final boss. After going through Sandy Shores and The Green Ruins, you'll get to explore the Ancient Isles and get introduced to some new NPCs in your adventure.

Along with the new faces, you'll also learn more about the secrets of this world and save a lightkeeper through the Light Prism challenge. Overall, the difficulty of battles in this area will skyrocket, and you'll have to try a lot of things a couple of times if your fleet isn't strong enough.

Things You Can Find In Autumn Isles

After beating the Giant Enemy Kreb at the end of The Green Ruins, the first island for the Autumn Isles group will unlock on your world map. There will be a clear difference between the color of these islands, which will make it easy to tell them apart. As soon as you get to the first island, you'll meet a frog inside a pod.

You have to submit the Deadrock you just found to the researcher, but you don't have to go all the way back to the beginning of The Green Ruins. You'll find the researcher's ship on the first island in Autumn Isles. You will have to look around on the island, but it will prevent a long trip.

This group of frogs is known as the Croaker Command Corps. They're scattered all across Autumn Isles and will be responsible for helping you in many ways. Apart from giving you a ton of information, these pods can randomly appear and give you 250 wooden planks if you answer their riddle correctly.

Although, if you answer it wrong, they'll think that you're a stranger and go away. The frogs give you multiple chances to answer their riddles only if it's a part of the main story and not a random event. Here's a list of all the main events/activities you'll find in Autumn Isles:




Skull Clan Forts, Vessels, And Shrine


If you've passed the Sandy Shores and The Green Ruins, you're already familiar with these three strongholds belonging to the Skull Clan. While the general aspects stay the same, the difficulty of these fights increases in Autumn Isles.



Lighthouses perform the same function across every region. You can exchange your Ancient Junk and Light Prism for Lumenade, which you can use to upgrade ship items at the researcher.


A pickup/drop arrow beside the delivery item

There will be new delivery items in Autumn Isles handed to you by the members of the Croaker Command Corps. You'll also be delivering them to the members of the corporation, but this system can be used to mark new islands.

Race Track

Black and white flag

You'll be racing the same ship containing two people in this area as well, but the racetrack will be a little longer. You'll have to go through two checkpoints instead of one before reaching the finish line, and the ship you're competing with will be a little faster.

Bounty Target

Red crosshair

This is a new main event that appears in Autumn Isles where a member of the Croaker Corps will give you a bounty target. This target will usually be a Skull Clan vessel, and you have to sink the ship to finish the event.

Target Practice

Red target

This event stays the same as the previous areas, but you'll only have to hit seven targets for this one. Although, the time given for hitting these targets is a lot less. Moreover, there will be targets that move in a semicircular trajectory.

Skull Clan Shipyard

Wooden dock

Similar to The Green Ruins, these shipyards will be guarded by Skull Clan towers and you can steal a ship from here if you defeat them all.

Tekk Clan Machines

Building with purple light

There are a lot of events involving the Tekk Clan in Autumn Isles, but most of them are random. The Tekk Clan Machines are involved in a small quest in the area, discussed below.

How To Finish The Main Quest In Ancient Isles

At the end of every area, you have to find a specific island where you'll battle the final boss. These islands aren't revealed from the map fragments that you can find scattered across the area. Although, you can reveal them using special map fragments that drop in certain scenarios.

When it comes to Autumn Isles, you can reveal the final island called the Blight Sea by getting a map fragment from the Tekk Clan Machines. Normal Tekk Clan vessels also have a chance of dropping this item. Moreover, you can always find the island by exploring your surroundings.

If the normal map fragments stop revealing new information for you, head over to the northernmost island you've discovered and explore the western, northern, and eastern areas around this island. You'll be able to find the Blight Sea in one of these areas.

Once you get to the Blight Sea, get close to the pinkish bubble in the middle to reveal Teknogaunt, the final boss. To defeat this boss, you have to aim at the silver handles sticking out of its body, as shown in the picture above. When their health drops to zero, you have to use the Harpoon Gun to take them off.

After taking off one of the handles, the Teknogaunt will go underwater and massive purple rays will appear in the area. There will be a symbol in the water at the location of these rays, and you have to dodge them. Moreover, make sure none of your ships are at the location where the Teknogaunt comes back up.

If the ship is at the location, it will float above the water on Teknogaunt's body. When this happens, you need to quickly switch to that ship and bring it back into the water, or you'll lose it.

After removing all the handles, you will be able to aim at the giant machine's body and destroy it to finish the first phase. After a small cutscene, the second phase will begin where you have to aim at the Deadrock in the middle. Although, there will be cannons coming out of the machine to shoot at your ship.

It's recommended to destroy these cannons as they come out since they can deal quite a lot of damage to your ship. Once the Deadrock reaches zero health, you'll get the rock and the victory, opening your path to the next area.

Tekk Clan Guide

Tekk Clan is a group of formidable members that are introduced in Autumn Isles. Much like the Skull Clan, whenever you meet this clan in any way, they'll start attacking you immediately. There are a couple of random and main events involving this clan, and you get highly rewarded for them:

Tekk Clan Submarine

These are small machines with low health, but they're also the most annoying enemies in this area. Tekk Clan Submarines usually appear near the spawn location of any island at random, and they can start attacking you as soon as you load in. Moreover, they dive underwater every few seconds.

You can target them as they're going underwater, but the aim assist disappears as soon as they start diving. After a few seconds of being submerged, they'll come back to the surface and start attacking your ships. If you aggro one of these machines, it's better to defeat it before you progress further.

Skull Clan and Tekk Clan don't work together, and they will shoot at each other if they get too close. These submarines can easily turn the odds in the enemy's favor if left unchecked.

Tekk Clan Vessels

You'll be able to find Tekk Clan vessels on almost every island you visit in Ancient Isles. Unlike Skull Clan vessels, these aren't marked on the world map, and their spawn is completely random. There are quite a few different ships controlled by this clan, but their fire rate is very slow.

While they might look intimidating, it's usually not worth it to add these ships to your fleet as they're extremely slow. Although, you can take over their ship to get the massive rocket launchers that they use. You can also add it to your fleet if you're making a trip to the merchant since they sell for a good price.

Tekk Clan Machines

These are the only part of the Tekk Clan that is the main event in Autumn Isles. On one of the final islands in the area, you'll witness this machine polluting the water, and a Croaker Corps member will ask for your help to get rid of it. To fight this machine, you have to blow up all the cannons surrounding it first.

While this is not necessary, it'll prevent a lot of damage to your fleet and make sailing around the machine a little easier.

Next, you need to aim at the purple rectangular plates at the bottom of the machine and Harpoon them after you've destroyed them. Once you've done this with three plates, the Croaker Corps will take care of the rest. You'll have to go back to Sandy Shores and The Green Ruins to get rid of these machines as well.

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