Sail Forth: The Frigid Sea Walkthrough

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Beating the first three regions in Sail Forth is a significant achievement since you'll learn most of the mechanics in the game during this time. After defeating the final boss in Autumn Isles, players will stumble upon the frozen world of The Frigid Sea. The environment will change drastically as you enter the fourth region.

This ice-covered land introduces you to some new people and mechanics, while you still have the general exploration that is common in every region. It might take you a while to find and finish everything in the bone-chilling Frigid Sea before you can start looking for the final boss.

Things You Can Find In The Frigid Sea

The Tekk Clan will be a major part of Autumn Isles, and even the final boss that you'll find in the area will be a machine made by the clan, except it'll be powered by the Deadrock. Upon successfully eliminating the dangerous boss, the first island of The Frigid Sea will be revealed on your world map.

The first three regions had some similarities in terms of design, but The Frigid Sea makes it feel like you're in a new game altogether. You'll not find the vessels and submarines belonging to the Tekk Clan here, but you will find a lot more Anglers than what you're used to. Along with icy islands, there will be plenty of icebergs as well.

Here's everything you can find on different islands while exploring this land:




Skull Fort, Vessels, and Shrine


The Skull Clan strongholds stay the same throughout every region. Although, the members of the clan will be controlling new types of ships, and you will be facing a higher number of them.

If you get unlucky, you might have to face two to three Skull Clan vessels at the same time, so make sure you're prepared for that. There's also a chance of you fighting Skull Clan and Tekk Clan at the same time.

Tekk Clan Machine

Huge tower with purple light

Ever since you finished the Tekk Clan side quest in Autumn Isles, you'll have to face a Tekk Clan machine once in every area. These machines have a separate mark on the World Map, and they'll pollute the surrounding water.

To defeat this giant tower, you have to get rid of all the purple plates around it. You have to bring the plate's health down to zero and then use the Harpoon Gun to remove it from the tower.

New Deliveries

Books with pick up/drop arrow beside them

The Frigid Sea will have its delivery items where you'll have to take certain books from an Angler and deliver them to a different Angler on another island. You can have up to two of these deliveries in the area.

Target Practice

Red target

The Target Practice mini-game in The Frigid Sea will be the hardest you've faced till now. You'll have to hit 15 targets within a certain time limit, but these targets are set in quite a unique manner.

Two circular tracks are constantly moving, and each of them has a set of targets on it. One of these tracks has a ton of rocks blocking the way, and the other one is on a height.

Angler Kerblapp

Ice crown

This is a new main event in The Frigid Sea, and you'll be able to meet an Angler here with his penguin. You can play a little card game with them where you can bet some wooden planks to get extra back.

The rules of the game are simple, you have to ask one of the players if they have a certain card, and they will give the card to you if they do. You have to match four cards of the same kind to get a point.

Race Track

Black and white flag

One thing that doesn't change in The Frigid Sea is the Race Track since you'll have two checkpoints before the finish line just like in Autumn Isles. A simple way to win this is to try and force the rival ship to slow down.

Apart from these main events, you can get a few random events like shipwrecks and stranded sailors. You can also take a picture of different penguins and sell them at a good price at the Anglerwrangler Emporium.

How To Finish The Main Quest In The Frigid Sea

The main mechanic that reveals different islands for you in Sail Forth is finding map fragments. You can get this item through fishing, defeating Skull Clan strongholds, or breaking wooden crates. At one point, the map fragments will stop revealing any new locations on the map.

There can be two reasons for this. Either you can't reveal any other location from the map fragments on that particular island, or you won't be able to reveal any new location from map fragments on any island.

If you can't reveal any new locations from the fragments at all, this means that you've uncovered all the islands in The Frigid Sea except the final one. This final island can only be found through raw exploration, and you have to start at the northernmost island you've currently discovered.

Search the eastern, western, and northern areas around this island thoroughly, and you'll see a new island called Shivertund at some point. Once the island is revealed, you can directly teleport to it from your World Map to fight the boss.

Once you're on the island, there will be some purple sparks in the middle with ice structures around them. As you get close, an ice golem will be formed from these structures called Coldcrust Glimmerfist. While this boss doesn't have any phases in the battle, it will have a total of 750 health.

The boss will try to form a boulder to throw at you as one of his attacks. You can attack this boulder with your cannon fire to destroy it and nullify the attack.

As you're constantly bombarding the boss with your cannons, it will do some slamming attacks, and one of them will form a giant iceberg at the end. Place your ship in a way so the ice golem is between the ship and the iceberg. Now, attack the iceberg and use the Harpoon at the end to make it fall on the golem.

This will deplete a lot of its health, and you can simply shoot the rest out of it. Upon killing the boss, you'll be able to get the Deadrock from him as he changes to Professor Frostweather Coldcrust. Although, the professor will have a lot to say about the rock and its current condition.

Defeating the boss will also show the first island of the next area on your map.

Tips To Sail In The Frigid Sea

While you're probably used to the general sailing mechanics if you've reached the fourth area in the game, here are a few tips that can specifically help you in The Frigid Sea:

  • You need to have at least one ship with a lot of firepower in your fleet for the final battle. 750 health is quite a lot, and your fleet will take a lot of damage if you can't defeat the golem quickly. While large ships like Brigantine are slow, they're perfect to stack a ton of firepower with crew members that have a damage percent boost.
  • Do not break the common icebergs around different islands. When you break these icebergs, they can either fall down themselves or have you Harpoon them in a certain direction. While you can dodge these icebergs with the ship you're controlling, the other ships in your fleet might go under it, and they'll be deleted instantly.
  • If you're struggling in the Target Practice mini-game, it might be better to equip one ship with a ton of chaser guns and other long-range weapons. With these weapons, you can shoot targets even through rock obstacles.

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