Salt And Sacrifice: How To Beat All Corvius’ Mire Mages

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  • Fungalmancers // Por Myec, The Encroaching Rot
  • Corpumancers // Ghor Lorhotha, Wearer Of Tortured Flesh
  • Mechanomancers // Anamus Kane, The Infernal Machine
  • Luminimancers // Luxian Steel-Glass, The Blind And Blinding

By the time you reach Corvius' Mire, you should be quite adept at taking on the magic threats that Salt and Sacrifice loves to throw at you. Chasing them down and confronting them in heated conflicts will become second-nature, and the game will train you to be a mage-killing machine.

This area has some fun bosses to take on, and their difficulty levels vary widely. While you may find the Fungalmancers a breeze, a challenge like the Corpumancer is not easily ignored – and even seeing the Luminimancer may be a bit of a chore,depending on how healthy your eyesight is. With all that said, here's how to kill 'em all.

Fungalmancers // Por Myec, The Encroaching Rot

Cold / Poison

Fungalmancers are easily the weakest mages to be fought in Corvius' Mire and one of the easiest mage varieties to fight in the game. They have pretty strong poison attacks though, so pack some Antidotes. When you chase a Fungalmancer around, they'll summon the following foes:

  • Sporekin, fragile enemies that can throw poison projectiles at you.
  • Boletins, very large mushrooms that are bigger than they are threatening.
  • Toad Kings, annoying brutes with slow attacks. They can grab you and deal constant damage, so be wary of their hands.

The Hunt For Por Myec

You'll find the hunt clue for Por Myec inside Darkearth Lair. It's on the western side of the area, below the section that has a mimic chest in it.

Fungalmancer Attacks

  • Conjure Mushrooms: The Fungalmancer summons mushrooms that sprout on the ground, becoming hazards. If you walk into them, they'll burst, dealing damage.
  • Conjure Floating Mushrooms: These mushrooms float in midair and fly across the screen, bursting on contact. Roll through them.
  • Exploding Pustule: The Fungalmancer conjures a ball of fungus, which will grow and then burst. It damages on the burst but also shoots out four smaller projectiles that burst when they hit the ground. Roll away from the large one and be ready to roll through the smaller ones.
  • Fungal Gust: The mage holds their staff aloft and shoots a jet of spores at you. This is easy to see coming and easy to dodge.

Fungalmancer Strategy

  • The damage inflicted by the Fungalmancer is very low but will quickly inflict a strong poison effect. Keep Antidotes handy, and be willing to find a safe moment in the fight to craft more if you find yourself struggling.
  • The Fungalmancer has low health and falls quickly to sustained attacks. If you have a weapon with a lot of poise damage, you may be able to finish the fight without seeing some of his moves.

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Corpumancers // Ghor Lorhotha, Wearer Of Tortured Flesh

Physical / Cold

This pretty grim mage variety is one of the most frustrating to fight in the game, not least because of all the ways they can lock down the battlefield and force you into a corner. When chased around a region, they'll summon the following monsters to distract you:

  • Profaned Butchers, mostly naked warriors with cleavers. They're the least challenging of the bunch.
  • Shambling Guts, large bipeds with antlers. They can deal decent damage and can knock you back, but they're not too quick.
  • Skinskitters, spider-like, horrific beasts. These are the most annoying and the most deadly creatures – they like to pin you down and can leap at you from afar with ease.

The Hunt For Ghor Lorhotha

You'll find a corpse that starts the Hunt for Ghor Lorhotha in the upper parts of the Verdant Ruins, in an alcove on the western side of the building.

Corpumancer Attacks

  • Cleaver: This is a two-strike smash with the cleaver. It'll track, so if you roll through him for the first attack, he'll turn around and smack you with the second – keep rolling.
  • Leaping Cleaver: Exactly what it sounds like – the Corpumancer leaps at you and smashes down with the cleaver. This one deals a lot of damage.
  • Jaw Trap: The Corpumancer thrusts his arms together, summoning a trap from the ground. If the trap catches you, you won't be able to move until it disappears on its own, and you'll be a sitting duck for any of the mage's attacks. It's safe to walk through a trap that has already appeared, though – you do not have to roll through it.
  • Cloud of Flies: The Corpumancer raises one arm in the air and summons two clouds of flies. These will slowly track you ceaselessly and will deal constant damage whenever you are standing inside the cloud.
  • Butchers' Hooks: The mage summons a collection of hooks that hang from chains. After a short moment, they'll start flying up to the ceiling. If you touch a hook that is currently traveling upwards, you'll take damage and be thrown into the air.

Corpumancer Strategy

  • The main challenge of this fight is knowing when to attack. Corpumancers have supreme control over the battlefield, what with the pressure they can put on you with flies, traps, and hooks. It's all too easy to panic and roll into a tough melee attack.
  • Try to get the timing down for dodging the Cleaver attacks, and they're quite easily punished – as long as there aren't flies nearby.
  • When the mage's hands get surrounded with a black aura, you know he's using the Jaw Trap or summoning a Cloud of Flies. With Jaw Trap, he'll put his hands out to the sides, and with the Cloud of Flies, he'll raise one hand into the air.
    • The beginning of the Cloud of Flies attack is a good opportunity to inflict some damage, as the flies are slow and start high in the air.

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    Mechanomancers // Anamus Kane, The Infernal Machine

    Physical / Poison

    A poison-themed robot boss is certainly something unique in this game. It's not too tough a challenge, though. The enemies the Mechanomancer likes to summon are the following:

    • Bipeds, cute little robots that don't pose a threat.
    • Clockwork Guards, wooden robots with green armor. They can stunlock you with their attacks if you face them alongside other foes.
    • Bogminers, spider-like constructs that are best taken care of quickly, lest they take up too much of your time.

    The Hunt For Anamus Kane

    You'll find the start of this hunt right below the entrance to Veruna's Shrine. To get to this area, take the western exit from the top level of The Great Tree – you'll need to have acquired the Luminstone beforehand.

    Mechanomancer Attacks

    • Smash and Punch: The mage brings both metal fists down on the ground in front of them and then follows this up with a single punch. This has a slow startup, so is easily dodged.
    • Stomp and Spray: The mage brings their foot down hard and follows the stomp up with some toxic spray. You'll want to be wary of the spray's range – roll away further than you need to to be safe.
    • Leaping Slam: The Mechanomancer leaps at you and smashes down with their fists. This attack has incredible range and is usually used as a gap-closer – the attack itself is quite small.
    • Toxic Spray: The mage sprays their toxic fog in the area in front and below them. If you can roll through the mage at the start of this attack, their back will be wide open for revenge.
    • Toxic Rockets: The Mechanomancer fires two to three poison rockets in succession. This attack will track you, but not all that well and only from the firing point, so staying on the move will keep you safe.
    • Toxic Bombs: This attack is similar to the above, but the mage instead fires three bombs in the air that will fall to their sides, with one falling directly below them. They travel slowly, so just roll through the explosion.

    Mechanomancer Strategy

    • Getting caught by any of the toxic attacks listed above will start stacking the poison status ailment. As always, keep some Antidotes handy – place them in the slot next to your Hearthen Flask for convenience.
    • As with a lot of mage bosses, the Mechanomancer's weakness is the slowness of their attacks. The Smash and Punch attack is easily rolled through and punished, and you can get quite a bit of damage into the first second of Toxic Bombs.
    • This boss's ranged options aren't too powerful, so consider packing a powerful ranged weapon and pumping a full round of ammunition into them. Beware Leaping Slam and you should be fine.

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    Luminimancers // Luxian Steel-Glass, The Blind And Blinding

    Cold / Light

    Fighting against a Luminimancer may be quite dazzling, but after the challenges that are the Mechanomancer and the Corpumancer, you should have no trouble dodging this mage's beams of light. While chasing it, this boss summons the following foes:

    • Brightfels, humanoids that don't pose too much of a threat.
    • Arclights, large shamblers that pack a wallop but fall to sustained attacks.
    • Brightminds, crawling enemies with huge brains. Bulky, but not that threatening either.

    The Hunt For Luxian Steel-Glass

    To start this hunt, you'll need to find the clue located in Betrayal Crag. This area is to the east of The Great Tree, opposite Veruna's Shrine, and you'll need to open a sealed door to get inside. Once inside, follow the floating platforms south and you'll reach the clue.

    Luminimancer Attacks

    • Star of Three: Conjures three motes of light that orbit as they travel in one direction. Easily rolled through, but does constant damage if you get caught in it.
    • Ground Rush: The Luminimancer dodges back, before rushing along the ground and then swiping into the air. If you see the boss leap backwards, roll in the opposite direction.
    • Ground Slam: The Luminimancer raises both arms into the air, before smashing down twice. This attack is easily rolled through.
    • Motes of Light: Conjures three motes of light randomly in the arena. After a moment, they start periodically pulsing, dealing damage to you if you're close enough.
    • Lightbeams: Conjures a large mote that shoots a constant beam of light at you. This is easily avoided through movement, but the beam will slowly track you for the duration of the attack.
    • Rotating Lightbeams: Conjures a large mote that shoots out three beams of light, rotating them slowly. You may be forced to roll through this attack, but it's slow enough to be an easy task.

    Luminimancer Strategy

    • This boss doesn't have much in the way of threatening, fast attacks. This makes it quite easy to keep your distance while you use up all your ammunition shooting it.
    • The timing on the Luminimancer's melee attacks can be tricky to get down because they have odd timings, but they're easily punished once mastered.
    • Things might get hectic if the boss is allowed to fill the arena with beams and motes – just stay alert and keep yourself topped off with healing at all times. The boss can't do much burst damage and relies on whittling you down bit by bit.

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