Salt And Sacrifice: How To Beat All Elder Copse Mages

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  • Kinetomancers // Parza Krass, Force Incarnate
  • Bibliomancers // Logostus Rime, Undying Scholar

The final region of Salt and Sacrifice is home to many secrets and challenges, not least of all the final boss of the game. In addition to that, though, you can face off against the final two mage types that the game has to offer. These fights are the some of the most difficult challenges that the game can throw at you.

We have the physically aligned Kinetomancer and the infuriatingly aggressive Bibliomancer to contend with. Let's take a look at how they fight and how to tackle them.

Kinetomancers // Parza Krass, Force Incarnate

Physical / Light

Kinetomancers are very aggressive foes with a ton of melee and ranged attacks to learn. These battles can be chaotic on their own, but there are also the enemies that Kinetomancers summon to contend with:

  • Force Nodes, unrelenting floaters who should be shot down more for your sanity above all else.
  • Shatter Guards, tall skeletons with axes. They can deal lots of damage, but they're not too tough against a sustained attack.
  • Energy Cores, large, crab-like structures that serve mostly as huge targets. They can deal a ton of damage, so consider sniping them from afar.

The Hunt For Parza Krass

You'll find the Named Mage Hunt for Parza Krass on the west side of Elder Copse. You'll need to grapple to a ledge to nab it.

Kinetomancer Attacks

  • Spike Volley: The mage summons lots of stones that form a spear, then fires them at you. The actual volley part of this attack comes out very quickly, so be ready to dodge when you notice it starting.
  • Ground Spike Burst: Raising both arms up, the Kinetomancer summons three spiky rocks to burst up from the ground around him. These will fling you up into the air if you aren't careful, but you can safely move through them afterward. After a moment, the Kinetomancer makes them burst.
  • Aerial Spike Burst: The Kinetomancer raises one hand very high in the sky and summons two floating, spiky blocks. One will be roughly parallel to his chest, the other will be to the side and parallel to his waist. After a moment, these rocks will burst. This move is easy to avoid and is a great opportunity for attacks.
  • Leaping Slam: The Kinetomancer performs a short leap towards you, followed by a downward axe attack.
  • Leaping Burst: The Kinetomancer performs a long leap towards you and brings his axe down. When it hits the ground, small rocks will burst up on either side of the impact before bursting themselves. This is a hard move to escape once caught in it, so roll towards a Kinetomancer during the leap.
  • Kinetic Axe: This is a three-hit attack with an axe that the mage summons. The attack comes out quickly and each strike will track you, so either roll away from the mage or roll through him twice. This is one of the mage's standard moves, and he can use it straight after many of his other moves, most notably the Leaping Burst.
  • Kinetic Javelin: The mage summons three rocks in a row and points them downward. After a short pause, they'll explode towards the ground. This move is followed up by a quick melee lunge toward you.

Kinetomancer Strategy

  • As is the theme with most of the hardest mages in the game, the Kinetomancers are very aggressive opponents to face. Especially when they're low on health, they can chain their attacks together perfectly and will do so constantly if you stick close to them.
  • The Kinetomancer doesn't have many ways to deal with ranged combatants. Leaping Burst doesn't have infinite range, and Spike Volley is very easily dodged. Use this to your advantage and snipe him from afar.
  • The best attack to punish would be the Aerial Spike Burst, but you can also put the hurt on a Kinetomancer if you learn how to dodge his melee moves perfectly while remaining close. This strategy works best with quicker weapons.

Bibliomancers // Logostus Rime, Undying Scholar

Light / Dark

There are no two ways to say this, Bibliomancers are straight-up unfair at times. They have incredible ranged attacks, a melee combo that can stunlock you to death if you get caught in the wrong place, and their damage output is wacky. That said, at least the enemies they summon during their chase sequences aren't too tough:

  • Codex Monks, heavyset humanoids who rush towards you but stagger very easily.
  • Glyphed Annelids, large worms with legs. They can be quite tricky to take down, as they attack quickly and can pin you, dealing lots of damage.
  • Parchment Knights, warriors made of paper that are very frustrating to eradicate. They defend a lot and have a very long reach.

The Hunt For Logostus Rime

As opposed to Parza Krass, who was found on the western side of Elder Copse, you'll find the hunt for Logostus Rime in the east. It's a floating book, it's hard to miss.

Bibliomancer Attacks

  • Rune Rain (Horizontal): The Bibliomancer summons a horizontal line of small portals in the air, which shoot runes at the ground. To avoid this safely, you'll need to escape the firing line entirely, as the runes come down in random sequences and may catch you at the end of a roll. This may be followed up with a vertical Rune Rain, but not always.
  • Rune Rain (Vertical): This is the same attack as above but with horizontal shots. These are far easier to roll through.
  • Rune Storm: The Bibliomancer conjures a swirling circle of runes before firing them at you in quick succession. The mage uses this attack almost exclusively when you are far away from him. Getting caught in the storm deals a ton of damage, and it's very hard to dodge if you're far away as the runes track you excellently, and you won't have enough invincibility frames to survive. The only reliable way to avoid this is to roll under it and get to the other side – the Storm cannot fire backward.
  • Rune Spitter: Conjures a single floating rune that, after a moment, starts spraying a stream of runes at you. These are far slower and easier to dodge than the Rune Storm.
  • Book Slam: This is the Bibliomancer's melee combo. He will slam his book on the ground, then spin it around himself three times in quick succession while moving towards you. This is always followed up by a second book slam that comes with a large explosion. Getting caught in any part of this move is very damaging and may outright kill you, especially if you get juggled around by the spinning attack. This is an important attack to learn how to dodge.
  • Exploding Book: The Bibliomancer holds the book in the air for a moment and then explodes it. This attack has a rather small radius, and it's one of the best attacks to punish as a result.

Bibliomancer Strategy

  • If you start a battle far away from the Bibliomancer, there's a decent chance you'll get sniped by a Rune Storm before you can even get close. Consider equipping a weapon with a high block rate specifically to defend against this attack and heal up immediately after.
  • You can deal a lot of damage to the boss if you can get behind a Rune Storm, as the attack is pretty long, and you'll be safe from that angle.
  • Another good attack to punish is Rune Spitter. It has a long startup, and the boss is likely to get staggered by a constant stream of attacks, letting you get a few more moves in. Be wary of the runes coming your way, though – don't get greedy as they can quite easily stunlock you to death.
  • Practice makes perfect with this boss. While there aren't many attacks that you have to learn, you'll need to know them very well before you can survive a fight long enough to whittle the mage's health down enough to kill him.

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