Samurai Shodown Director Would Love To Reboot Another Big SNK Franchise

Samurai Shodown releases for Nintendo Switch releases on February 25, 2020, bringing the well-received fighting game reboot to Switch. Samurai Shodown has been praised as a high-quality entry in the long-running series, and now that it’s done, director Nobuyuki Kuroki might be able to set his sights on another SNK series.

Talking to Nintendo Life about the impending Switch release, Kuroki revealed that the game he’d most like to bring back. “Personally, I wish that we can revive Garou: Mark of the Wolves,” he told the site.

Garou, which launched in 1999 for the Dreamcast, is also technically the most recent entry in the Fatal Fury series, is a beloved game. The PC, PS4, and Vita versions recently received a substantial netcode update, which made them easier to play online without issue.

There’s absolutely no confirmation that the game will actually return, though, and it’s clear from the interview that this is Kuroki’s desire rather than something that is in active development. SNK Corporation is currently working on another fighting game in a long-running series, with King of Fighters XV due to release in 2020 for PS4.

The second season of Samurai Shodown’s DLC will start on February 26 with new fighter Mina Majikina.

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