Sea Of Thieves: A Guide To Selling Fish

Fishing is one aspect of Sea of Thieves that players love to partake in if they want to make a little bit of money. You can even eat these sea creatures if you so desire, but gold profits are often more desirable. Many players don’t know where to sell their fish, as none of the factions at the Outposts will take them.

Luckily, it is easier to sell fish than you might think, and all you have to do is travel to a few specific locations. You should keep in mind that half-eaten fish cannot be sold, so keep them safe in your inventory if you wish to make a profit in Sea of Thieves.

Travel To A Seapost

Fish cannot be sold to the merchants at Outposts, so don’t even bother trying. You have to travel to a Seapost instead, which usually has a shop and is located on a small rocky island. They can be hard to find if you don’t know what you are looking for, but there are eight in all for you to seek out after your search for curses.

Here are all of the Seaposts you can visit, as well as their location on the map:

  • The Finest Trading Post (F17)
  • Brian’s Bazaar (Y12)
  • Stephen’s Spoils (L15/16)
  • The North Star Seapost (H10)
  • The Wild Treasures Store (O4)
  • The Spoils of Plenty Store (B7)
  • Three Paces East Seapost (S9)
  • Roaring Traders (U20)

Approach The Hunter’s Call Representative

Once you arrive at one of the Seaposts you need to approach the Hunter’s Call Representative. They are not the merchant behind the counter, rather, they will often be standing near the end of the dock.

One tip for beginners is that the members of this group will usually have a fishing pole in their hands, so you can tell who they are just by looking at them. All you have to do is approach them and offer them what fish you have in order to collect your Gold.

What Fish Can You Sell?

You can sell any fish that you catch in Sea of Thieves, but they must be whole. The fish cannot be half-eaten, however, you will often receive a bigger payout if it is cooked. You know a fish has been cooked when it turns white on the pan, and this is when you should remove it.

However, other fish will earn you a lot of money if they are undercooked, but it varies depending upon what you catch. The pay you receive will also depend upon the type of fish, as well as its size and rarity. It is worth it to hold onto better fish and save others for your own nutrition.

Here are the ten different types of fish in Sea of Thieves, as well as their sale prices:

  • Ancientscale (50-10,125 Gold)
  • Battlegill (85-14,065 Gold)
  • Devilfish (50-11,250 Gold)
  • Islehopper (25-3,940 Gold)
  • Plentifin (50-10,125 Gold)
  • Pondie (15-1,410 Gold)
  • Splashtail (15-1,410 Gold)
  • Stormfish (100-16,875 Gold)
  • Wildsplash (50-10,125 Gold)
  • Wrecker (85-14,065 Gold)

If you want to learn what bait to use to catch certain types of fish be sure to check out this guide for more information.

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