Sea of Thieves: How To Complete The Legendary Storyteller Tall Tale

The third Tall Tale in Sea of Thieves has players chasing down second-hand stories in search of the truth behind them. After being told a list of names that might be able to piece together the Shroudbreaker at the end of the second Tall Tale in the Shores of Gold Arc, you’ll have a number of Tall Tales available, but the next one of the list is the Legendary Storyteller.

Unlike the other Tall Tales so far, The Legendary Storyteller can take you more or less anywhere on the Sea of Thieves and each of its varying objectives might be found in different regions. So even more so than the others, it is recommended that you do not do this alone, as you’ll be more likely to run into hazards and other players than before.

How To Begin the Legendary Storyteller Tall Tale

Before you begin the Legendary Storyteller Tall Tale, you will have to complete the Cursed Rogue Tall Tale first. Once that’s out the way and Briggsy is defeated, you can start this adventure. To begin, head over to the Ancient Spire Outpost at Q-17 in the Ancient Isles. Head to the tavern at the peak of the isle and you’ll find the Tall Tale book beside the tavernkeeper on the bar.

Once over half your crew has voted for it, you hear the tale of Tasha and her youthful obsession with Briggsy. As soon as you’ve started the Tall Tale, you can find her childhood diary in your quest items inventory, filled with three tales of buried treasure. This is what you’ll find to find Briggsy’s treasure.

How To Find The Chalice Key, Crown Key, and Chest in The Legendary Storyteller Tall Tale

Each of the three stories found inside Tasha’s childhood journal leads to an item: The Chalice Key, Crown Key, and the Chest. You’ll need both keys to unlock the chest that leads to the final piece of treasure in this adventure, so you’ll have to decipher the notes and doodles young Tasha made. Each story relates to a voyage that Briggsy once made with her treasure, so you can use all the clues given to retrace her steps and find where the items are.

But these puzzles can be difficult to solve, often asking you to notice the compass points, shapes of islands and sometimes the confusing routes through the sea and the pages that the treasure takes. Each story leads to a different island and there are eleven stories possible, of which your diary will contain three random ones. Luckily while there are plenty, each story has a different title, so if you’re struggling check the name against the guide below to lead you right to the treasure.

The Baddies Attack story leads to Old Salt Atoll. Dig before the front of the beached wreck to find the treasure.

The Birthday Party story is based on Wander’s Refuge where you’ll need to find two palm trees on top of one of the hills with lanterns hanging off them. Dig between them to retrieve the treasure.

The Fish Friends story takes you to Mermaid’s Hideaway, where you’ll have to use your ship cannons to launch yourself onto the more northern stone column on the island. Once on land, start digging around until you find the treasure.

The Monster Hunting story leads to Crooked Masts. After making it to the island, look for the shipwreck on the southwest shore. Dive down and inside and you’ll find the treasure.

The Monster Island story wants you to explore Thieves’ Haven. Once there climb up to the top of the island and look for the large Easter Island-like statues near the waterfall. Dig in front of them to find the treasure.

The Naughty Man story is told in reverse, so you’ll need to head to Scurvy Isle to find the treasure. Dig between the eastern stone and shore to find the treasure.

The Rescue Mission story takes you to Crooks Hollow. Above the southern shore is a set of two old bridges. Dig in the sand on the western side of those bridges to find the treasure.

The Scary Friends story takes you to Kraken’s Fall. Find the remains of the Kraken on the north beach and climb on top and you’ll find treasure embedded in the spine.

The Smallest Boat story takes you to Lone Cove. Find the titular cave along the north western shoreline and follow it until you enter a large room. To the left of the entrance is a rowboat, where you’ll find the treasure if you dig.

The Treasure Adventure story ends at the Uncharted Island at K-9 on the map. Swim in the lagoon in the centre of the island find the deepest part of the sunken ship. Inside you’ll find the treasure.

The Windy Wings story hides it treasure at Plunder Valley. At the top of the island on the northern side you’ll find a skeleton clutching the treasure before a large bird statue.

How To Find the Ancient Crown in The Legendary Storyteller Tall Tale

Once you’ve collected both keys and the chest you can open it to discover a piece of driftwood. Although not very exciting this is the only clue you’ll need to find the Ancient Crown that Briggsy promised Tasha.

The driftwood is etched with clues and covered in holes that help you find the digging spot you’ll need to reach the crown. The idea of driftwood is to position landmarks so they are visible in the cut outs, then dig at the point the smallest cut out dictates to find the treasure. Looking at the back of the plank and you’ll see the coordinates where you’re meant to head, but you’ll still need to find the landmarks in question which can be tricky. You’ll only need to find one piece of driftwood, and you can look at it from your quest item inventory, to uncover the treasure but there are a lot of possibilities. If you’re struggling to find where the driftwood leads, use the coordinates and this guide will help narrow where you have to look.


If there is a triangular cut out on the left and a large rectangular cut out on the centre-right, you’ll want to head over to Mermaids Hideaway. From around the pond, you should be able to align the rock formations to the driftwood, then dig where the smallest cut out points in the bottom right.


If the driftwood has a cut out in the shape of a shipwreck in the centre, and the two curved lines like a claw on the left, you’ll need to go to Discovery Ridge. Find the shipwreck to the west of the island to align your board then dig where the smallest cut out points between the other two.


If the board has two rough triangles in the top left and an upside-down rowboat shape beneath the one to the right, Smuggler’s Bay is your destination. Look towards the broken arch on the south of the island and align your board with the rowboat to find the dig spot with the smallest cut out.


With a detailed coastal scene etched into the driftwood, you’ll find the crown on Cannon Cove. Head to the northwest beach and align the rock formations to find the crown in the bottom left cut out.


With a bird shape cut out in the top centre right and two rounded stones to the far left, you’ll need to set sail for Plunder Valley. Align the Eagle rock formation and the rocky coastal stones on the west side of the island and use the smallest cut out to dig up the crown.


The Lone Cove driftwood has two large triangles pointing upwards on the left side of the board. You’ll find these standing stones near the centre of the island where you can use the final cut out to discover the crown.


If the board has a large cut out on the right-hand side in the shape of a shark fin, you’ll be heading to Shark Bait Cove. Like the cut out with the statue at the centre of the island to find the digging spot with the small cut out in the bottom left.


If the board has a large diagonal triangle looming above a ship-shaped hole you’ll be heading for Shipwreck Bay. From there you’ll want to align the cut outs with the shipwreck and stone that dominate the southern part of the island, and use the final cut out to find the crown.


The Maurader’s Arch board is dominated by two large triangle cut outs in the centre. You can align the stones to the cut outs from the highest peak on the mountain, and use the tree etching to help find the angle. Once its lined up, use the smallest cut out to find the digging spot.


The board with the ship spike cutting from right to left will lead to Kraken’s Fall. From there find the wreck that matches the silhouette with the skull on the north-west beach to line up the board and reveal the digging spot.

After you’ve recovered the Ancient Crown, simply head back to Tasha at the Ancient Spire Outpost to return it and complete the Tall Tale.

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