Sea Of Thieves Season 7 Will Allow Players To Buy Ships

Sea of Thieves just got a new trailer detailing all the new booty coming in Season 7, set to launch on August 4. The focus of this latest season will be on greater ship customization, allowing players to purchase and outfit their vessels to their particular liking.

To start, with this new level of customization, prospective captains will have to purchase a ship. This might be out of reach for newcomers to Sea of Thieves as purchasing a ship won’t be cheap. Sloops are priced at 250,000 gold, Brigantines 375,000 gold, and massive Galleons are 500,000 gold pieces.

Once you’ve shelled out your pirate’s life savings, it’s time to give your ship a name. Rare noted that not every name will make it past the profanity filter, but you’ll still have plenty of options in naming your ship. The suggested "BootyMcBootface" might be a good place to start. Whatever you choose, your ship’s name will be written in a crest hanging over the captain’s quarters.

Inside those quarters, captains will be able to customize everything from the table to the rug. Shelves can contain new trinkets, including trophies of past voyages and just fun little items that give the space a bit of flair. You can also hang paintings on the wall, but note that high seas and explosions might knock things askew from time to time.

Much of these customizations can be purchased from the shipwright, who will offer additional supplies like wood, cannonballs, and food starting with the next season. Aesthetic damage to your ship will also be saved between encounters, allowing veterans to pilot a vessel covered in dented and scarred wood. Or you can pay the shipwright to fix her up for a few thousand gold.

There’s a new progression system called Milestones that offer players unique rewards for performing certain activities, new Captain’s Voyages to target specific activities for even more rewards, and a new seasonal rewards track that provides new cosmetics including the Perilous Journey set, the Courage of Captaincy set, and Merrick's jacket and cutlass. There’s also a new summer-themed set of cosmetics to collect too.

Sea of Thieves Season 7 sets sail on August 4 on all platforms.

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