Seventh Time’s A Charm: Uncharted Movie Gets Yet Another Director

Nathan Drake’s exploits in the Uncharted games have seen the intrepid explorer discover the mythical cities of El Dorado and Libertalia, but the collector of rare antiquities has had the hardest time finding his way to Hollywood. With the Uncharted film in development hell for well over a decade, it seems that star Tom Holland is confident the troubled project will begin filming next month with or without a director.

Though unconfirmed, Sony has finally zeroed in on Ruben Fleischer as director #7 for the film after Travis Knight departed the project last December. Fleischer directed the commercially successful, but critically savaged Venom for Sony and should be in the director’s chair to lead the story starring Holland as a young Nathan Drake and Mark Wahlberg as Victor Sullivan, Drake’s surrogate father and mentor. No other castings have been announced, but Holland did mention that the movie is taking cues from A Thief’s End with regards to the story.

Holland seems optimistic that the movie is actually happening. In an interview with IGN, Holland said “We start shooting in like four weeks, Mark Wahlberg is going to be amazing as Sully, the stunt department that we have out there in Berlin have done an amazing job already prepping the stunts, and it’s gonna be an exciting one.”

There are still plenty of hurdles to jump before we can really say Uncharted is out of development hell. It seems that Sony is encouraged by the success of the Sonic The Hedgehog movie such that they want to get in on the action as soon as possible, but they also are trying to get the movie done in a hurry now that Disney has announced that Indiana Jones 5 will begin filming as soon as Steven Spielberg finishes up his West Side Story remake, out later this year.

Even though the idea of an elderly Indiana Jones battling fascists and discovering lost cities is beyond ridiculous, the Uncharted film will surely tank in the box office if any further delays cause it to be released after Indy 5. Until then, Uncharted is slated for a March 5, 2021 release.

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