Shin Megami Tensei 5: Every Abscess Location In Minato

Shin Megami Tensei 5's segmented world holds all manner of interesting items, demons, and secrets. All of them are powerful tools in Nahobino’s arsenal, but few match the game-changing power of Abscesses. These giant, demon-spewing pustules are everywhere and are often guarded by power demons who are ready to send you back to the main menu.

Going out of your way to purge them is well worth your time, however. Miracles, which come as rewards for cleansing the game’s numerous demon-infested abscesses, not only make you more powerful, but they can provide incredibly utility buffs to your demon friends. This ultimately makes completing the game that much easier. Not to mention, it clears up your map to boot.

Every Abscess Location In Minato Ward

You can spot an Abscess from a mile away thanks to its building-size body, and map distorting effects. Getting to them can be a bit trickier as they tend to be surrounded by powerful demons. Not only that but approaching them is made even more dangerous due to the vast hordes of demons that get summoned to protect the Abscess.

Throw in a bit of slowdown as the Switch struggles to render all these things at once, and you have a recipe for disaster. Once you get to an abscess, the demons inside tend to be pretty strong too – often acting like minibosses. You will naturally stumble upon some Abscesses, but others are optional.

1MitaMandrake x3
  • Fire
  • Art of Essences 1
  • Divine Garrison 1
  • Divine Proficiency 1
  • Demon Proficiency 1
  • Recovery Master 1
  • Support Master 1
2HamamatsuchoMermaid x1
  • Fire
  • Electric
  • Divine Garrison 2
  • Divine Amalgamation
  • Light Mastery 1
  • Dark Mastery 1
  • Ailment Mastery
3Shiba ParkSudama x2
  • Fire
  • Ice
  • Magatsuhi Wellspring
  • Vengeful Opportunist
  • Fell Swoop
  • Counter Incentive: Resist
  • Counter Investive: Null
  • Divine Garrison 3
4OnarimonLeanan Sidhe x3
  • Force
  • Light
  • Kindred Favor
  • Art of Essences 2
  • Summoner's Hospitality 1
  • Divine Garrison 4
5West ShinbashiIppon-Datara
  • Light
  • Unyielding Will
  • Vengeance
  • Deathly Aura 1
  • Unforgotten Memories
  • Fire
  • Warrior's Conception
  • Skill Manifestation
  • Almighty Mastery 1
  • Physical Mastery 1

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