Shovel Knight is conquering a new genre: puzzle games

Shovel Knight is back, and this time he’s diving into dungeons and solving puzzles. On Wednesday morning, Yacht Club Games announced its newest game, Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon, a dungeon-crawling puzzle game, staring the studio’s signature character.

Pocket Dungeon is somewhere between a roguelite and a puzzle game, Yacht Club said. Based on the trailer it appears that Shovel Knight will have to match groups of enemies, just like in standard falling-block puzzle games, but he’ll also be part of the board himself.

In the trailer, when Shovel Knight moves the entire board changes. New blocks and pieces fall into place with each step, and some of the other characters move as well. As you clear each of the game’s rooms, you’ll be able to progress through doors and passage ways to get to the new areas. Since the game is also part-roguelite it seems likely that these rooms will be somewhat random, and you’ll likely have to restart if you die.

The game will feature Shovel Knight, as well as several of the enemies he faced off against in the original game and its expansions, including some of the bosses like King Knight, also a boss in Pocket Dungeon.

While Yacht Club Games hasn’t announced any specific platforms for the game, but the name hints that it could be heading to mobile devices. The developer also didn’t announce a release date, so we’ll have to wait to hear more about when exactly we’ll be able to play this new Shovel Knight adventure.

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