Sifu Roadmap Includes Difficulty Options, Arena Mode, And Outfit Selection

Sloclap promised more Sifu content, and today, Sloclap clap delivers. A new roadmap lays out Sloclap’s plans for Sifu for the rest of 2022, with four major updates coming each season. The first of these four updates arrives next week and brings something that’ll help players beat this tough-as-nails game: adjustable difficulty options.

On May 3, Sifu will receive an update that adds the aforementioned difficulty options as well as advanced training and outfit selections. The difficulty options listed include “Student,” “Disciple,” and “Master,” which we assume to be Sifu’s way of describing easy, normal, and hard. Advanced training could mean a better tutorial and perhaps a sandbox mode where you can practice your moves.

Sloclap also previewed the new “Wude” outfit that’s set to come in May’s update. Sloclap had previously promised multiple new outfits would be available for the main character and at least one exclusive outfit for Deluxe Edition owners. It seems like there are at least two outfits coming on May 3 as there’s another photo tucked just behind the Wude outfit.

The summer update will add advanced scoring options, gameplay modifiers, and even more new outfits. We didn't get a preview of what those outfits might be, but we do have an idea of what those gameplay modifiers will be. The listed modifiers include no pendant (which presumably means just one life), no health points, stronger enemies, golden staff, all skills unlocked, and bullet time. That last one will be fantastic to add to the plethora of Matrix mods that have come out for Sifu.

The fall update will add a replay editor, while the winter update will add a new "Arenas" game mode. A picture of the map has been circled in several locations, likely indicating that these arenas will be repurposed levels from the main game. Both the fall and winter updates will also include new gameplay modifiers and new outfits.

If you’re looking for a bit of help with Sifu ahead of May’s difficulty update, we’ve got a few guides to give you a leg-up.

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