Silent Hill Trends As Fans Make Fun Of British Setting

There were a few Silent Hill leaks earlier today and if there was any doubt as to how real they are, Konami DMCA'd the bunch, giving them a whole new breath of legitimacy. Something noteworthy in those leaks is the setting which seems to be Britain given that insults like 'Minger' are written on post-it notes, and fans are having a little fun with it.

"Country's a living nightmare anyway," freelance journalist Henry Stockdale wrote. "Strange men walking around with pyramids for heads won't change much." Game developer Jessica Harvey added, "Them setting the new Silent Hill in England so they can save budget by not needing to build an otherworld."

Others were quick to point out how foggy and disorienting England can get, making it the perfect setting, while some fans are happy to see a slice of Britain in a mainstream horror game, right down to Monty Python references and slang ripped from the '00s. Hearing 'minger' again in 2022 certainly feels odd.

Where exactly in England we'll be isn't clear – up North in Gateshead, strolling past the Tescos at night while drunk radgies scream at you, or down south in London, going past 10 Downing Street with Pyramid Head on our tails. Probably neither. But it looks to be somewhere in Britain, even if that somewhere ends up being fictional.

Nothing official has been stated and the photos are said to be of an older build, but if we do end up visiting Britain in this new Silent Hill, make sure to avoid eye contact with the locals.

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