Sins Of A Solar Empire: Rebellion: Which Faction Should You Choose?

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Sins Of A Solar Empire: Rebellion is a big game. Sure, you can play a smaller-sized game if you want, but even then, there is a lot to Sins that isn’t just visible size. The underlying mechanics for the game’s core structure is rich and vast in ways many games simply aren’t.

The first major decision you will make in Sins Of A Solar Empire is what Faction you are going to play. There are a total of six to choose from, and they are pretty darn varied. Understanding the wave of information that comes from just checking the Factions can be overwhelming, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.


The TEC are the go-to race for beginners. They are, by far, the most straightforward to get into and do well with. This is down to cheap and easy-to-understand units and technologies. You can quickly produce fleets at prices that put every other faction to shame, and depending on your sub-faction, you can even produce incredibly powerful defences – again, at a discount.

As a general rule, TEC should use their incredibly potent early game to carry them into their even stronger late game. What they lack in nuance, they more than makeup for in brute force.

Faction TechEffects
Raloz PrototypeGrants access to Raloz Heavy Constructors capable of deploying Argonev class starbases.
InsurgencyOther empires will suffer periodic attacks by liberating forces.
Novalith PrototypeGrants access to the Novalith Cannon, which can bombard enemy planets from afar.
Pervasive EconomyYour empire earns income as other empires make purchases.

TEC Loyalist

TEC Loyalists are the original TEC faction. They will likely be the faction newbies veer towards, and this is fine. They have very potent defensive structures and can produce them on the cheap. This does lead to newer players heading down the path of the “Turtle”, which is not great in the early game where aggressive expansion is preferred.

You will want to use your TEC advantages to push for an aggressive expansion to claim as many planets as you can, and then once the game shifts into the mid-late game, you can start getting your defences up and running. TEC can reinforce like no other, and with access to multiple Starbases per planet AND the Novalith Cannon, they are very difficult to shift once they dig their (space)boots in.

Loyalist Faction TechEffects
Twin FortressCan construct two Starbases per planet.
Novalith DeregulationLower costs of Novalith Cannons
Battlefield PromotionCapital and Titan commanders gain experience more quickly in friendly gravity wells.
CompartmentalizationLower upgrade costs of Starbases.
Hardened DefencesIncreased armour and HP of all Tactical Structures in your gravity wells.
Ankylon PrototypeAllows the construction of the Ankylon Titan

TEC Rebels

Tech Rebels are the nefarious offshoot of your standard TEC Loyalists. They lose some powerful abilities, but in return, they get some very potent units. The big winner here has to be the Ragnarov, which can decimate fleets. Not only that, but they have access to the very nice Truce Amongst Rogues. Basically, Pirates are your allies. This makes your early smoother and gives you a leg up against your opponent who will be forced to deal with an extra mini-faction. Throw in bonuses to bombardment and ecconomical advantages for doing so, and you have quite the faction.

TEC Rebels don’t push the Turtle-strat anywhere near as hard as TEC Loyalists, and this makes them a slightly better starting faction. Turtling is not something you want to rely on in Sins Of A Solar Empire – not at first anyway. TEC Loyalists can instil bad gameplay habits that TEC Rebels simply don’t.

Rebel Faction TechEffects
Savage ThrillIncreases the rate of fire and damage when bombarding enemy planets.
Truce Amongst RoguesPirates become allies.
Liberated ResistanceAllied insurrectionist forces will spawn and rally to your homeworld.
Pillaged War ChestRaiders produce credits as you bombard enemy planets.
Pirate Mercenaries Allows purchasing of additional military aid
Ragnarov PrototypeAllows the construction of the Ragnarov Titan


If TEC are the cheap and cheery iron fist of Sins Of A Solar Empire, then Advent are the hyper-expensive and advanced butterfly. Advent units are noticeably more expensive than their competitors, and in a straight-up fight, they aren’t necessarily better. This is because their ships need to synergise with each other using overlapping special abilities.

In terms of complexity, Advent are up there as one of the most difficult. They need to plan their fleets more carefully, they need to spend more to get them up and running, and they need to spend more time micromanaging to get the most out of their units. If you don’t fully grasp the intricacies of the Advent’s inner workings, you will find yourself outmatched by just about every faction.

Topping off the general playstyle of Advent, they have an exceedingly weak early game making them easy targets for powerful early-game factions like the aforementioned TEC. This is partly thanks to their expensive units, but also because their economy is pretty dire. Survive the early game, however, and Advent becomes a military powerhouse. They are not advised for new players.

Faction TechEffects
Mass TranscendenceCapital ships constantly gain experience until they reach the level cap.
Deliverance DesignAllow access to the Deliverance Engine, allowing you to spread Culture remotely.
Unity IndoctrinationAllows access to the Temple Of Communion
Raised Shield HarmoniesIncreased damage mitigation from shields

Advent Loyalist

Surprise, surprise, Advent Loyalists are not a straightforward faction to play. This is in part due to their specialisation in Culture. Culture is not a bad thing of course, and it can absolutely win you games. There are even technologies that make this even easier. The catch? Culture-based victories can be turned off, and, on top of that, they are pretty hard to pull off.

This leaves Loyalist Advent with less combat-focused tricks – but that doesn’t mean they are pushovers. In fact, Loyalist Advent can produce some of the best fleets in the game and have multiple ways to mess with not only your own stats but your opponents. Then you have the wonderful ability, Coward’s Submission which converts fleeing enemies into fodder for your fleet. Heck, even that Culture focus can be used to boost your units, giving it some utility.

As with Advent in general, Loyalist Advent are hard to learn, and harder to master.

Loyalist Faction TechEffects
Fury Of The UnityIncreased weapon damage when in your Culture
Assimilated PopulaceNewly conquered worlds have increased population growth
Planet For A PlanetWhen a planet is lost, units gain increased damage and fire rates against the aggressor.
Coward’s SubmissionTake control of enemy frigates, cruisers and corvettes fleeing your gravity wells.
Global UnityAutomatically spread Culture from your worlds
Coronata PrototypeAllows construction of the Coronata Titan

Advent Rebels

Where Loyalist Advent are tricky little buggers, Rebel Advent are a bit more straightforward in their approach. This makes them slightly easier to grasp in general, but they still retain that classic Advent complexity that defines the faction.

Where Rebel Advent shines is, interestingly, in attrition. Destroyed ships in their fleets can be returned to your homeworld, allowing you to quickly reinforce your fleets with the recently deceased. It is much harder to grind a Rebel Advent down as a result. Throw in some amazing abilities – such as nuking a planet to eradicate everything in neighbouring systems, and you have some interesting gambits you can pull in a pinch.

Typical tricksy Advent.

Rebel Faction TechEffects
Reanimation This allows the creation of temporary clones of destroyed enemy frigates, cruisers, and corvettes.
Mass CommunionLower the cost of the Temple Of Communion
Protection Of The UnityWhen within your Culture, gain increased shield regeneration.
Return Of The FallenFrigates, cruisers, and corvettes will occasionally be revived at your capital.
Cleanse And Renewgain antimatter from newly conquered worlds
Eradica PrototypeThis allows the construction of the Eradica Titan.


In a traditional 3-way strategy game, you’d expect to have two extreme factions, and then one “balanced” faction to balance it all out. Sins Of A Solar Empire is NOT like that. Vasari are absolutely their own unique beast, and playing them opens up tricks that no other faction can compete with.

Vasari have strong fleets – they just so happen to be a bit smaller. They make up for this with incredible technology. Vasari can attack star systems from a distance using the Kostura Cannon, they can create their own lanes to open up unexpected attack opportunities, and they can even bypass enemy shields, making them staggeringly effective on the attack.

Vasari have a weaker early game than TEC, but they have a leg up on Advent. Vasari are pretty complex to learn, but we would say they are slightly easier to grasp than Advent, making them a decent starting faction for beginners.

Faction TechEffects
Remote AssemblyAllows Jarun Migrators to construct Orkulus class starbases.
Kostura Prototype This allows the construction of the Kostura Cannon, allowing distant attacks on enemy structures and the temporary creation of a Phase Node.
Phase TunnellingUnlocks the Phase Stabiliser that allows units to travel between planets as if there were phase lanes.
Phase MiniaturisationChance for missiles to bypass shields.

Vasari Loyalist

Vasari Loyalists are the trolls of Sins Of A Solar Empire. Their main trick is the devouring of planets. As this suggests, this destroys said planet. Vasari can absolutely eat their own planets, and with the right tech, they can even survive with no planets. However, the trolling really comes into play when you use this against your opponents.

Planets in Sins Of A Solar Empire are needed to keep your economy afloat. Fewer planets simply mean fewer resources to fuel the war effort. Vasari can capture a planet and then eat it. This will give the Vasari more resources and permanently strip resources from their enemies. You can do this over, and over again and win through the sheer force of their economy.

Even TEC will eventually fall to this if you pull it off effectively. Advent are especially vulnerable to this as their economy is already on the naff side.

Loyality Faction TechEffects
Civilian EvacuationsVasari civilians are re-settled onto capital ships, generating tax over time.
Shipboard LabsCapital Ships act as Weapons Labs
Solitary Path Gain bonus fleet supply when allied with other Vasari Loyalist factions.
Stripped To The Core This allows you to consume planets you have abandoned to generate massive amounts of resources.
Mobile Rulership Rulers move to your Titan, preventing defeat, providing your Titan OR Capital Planet remains intact.
Vorastra Prototype Grants access to the Vorastra Titan.

Vasari Rebels

Vasari Rebels are just as interesting and weird as their Loyalist cousins. They continue to have a focus on mobility and powerful phase missiles, but they also have the ability to yeet starbases across the universe.

Starbases are pretty darn powerful defensive structures, and with the right tech, Vasari Rebels can move their defences to the exact planet they need them. This is ludicrous, of course, and makes Vasari Rebels pretty hard to shift. But of course, being Vasari, they still manage to have excellent offensive capabilities, so they occupy this wonderful space where they can attack and defend in equal measure. Not only that, but with Phasic Strike, you can excel in hit-and-run warfare.

Rebel Faction TechEffects
Starbase MobilisationThis allows starbases to phase jump to any planet with a phase stabiliser. Can still only have ONE starbase deployed to a friendly gravity well.
All For One Damage bonus proportional to the number of allied empires present in a gravity well.
Friendly Jump TelemetryPhase jumps no longer result in lost antimatter
Phasic Strike After completing a phase jump, your units gain a damage bonus.
Shared NetworkAllows allies to use your phase gate networks
Kultorask PrototypeAllows construction of the Kultorask Titan

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