Skyrim Falkreath Guide: Merchants, Loot, Quests, And More

Located southwest of Helgen as one of the southern-most Holds in Skyrim, Falkreath is potentially one of the first cities that you will visit in the game, assuming that you don’t make a beeline for Riverwood to continue the main quest line instead. Although Falkreath is rather small compared to many other cities, there is a lot going on behind its walls, as well as around them.

Led by the opportunistic Jarl Siddgeir, the people of Falkreath are able to live relatively peaceful lives away from the troubles of the return of the dragons and the Civil War, though they will inevitably be caught up in the war should the Last Dragonborn take part in it. Strangely, many businesses and houses in Falkreath are named after death in some way or another, though the reason for this tradition isn’t specified in the game.


Like other smaller Holds, such as Dawnstar, Falkreath doesn’t have much in the way of vendors that you can take advantage of. The easiest to spot is Lod’s House, the blacksmith who sends you on an errand to catch a dog for him and may instigate the A Daedra’s Best Friend quest. However, if you kill Lod before taking him up on his errand, you may end up preventing this Daedric Artifact quest from triggering at all and may lose the ability to obtain the Rueful Axe or Masque of Clavicus Vile.

You can also find a general good store, Grey Pine Goods, not unlike the Riverwood Trader, run by a former Stormcloak soldier named Solaf. Unlike Lucan, however, Solaf has more interpersonal relationships with other characters in the game, as he is apparently courting Telka, the maid of Thane and former Jarl Dengeir, who is also reinstated as his Steward if he reclaims the throne during the Civil War questline. Solaf also views Narri, the owner of the Dead Man’s Drink tavern in Falkreath, as his rival, despite the fact that she is Telka’s sister, and thanks the player if they kill her. In this scenario, Telka will also send Hired Thugs after the player if they kill Narri as well.

The last merchant in Falkreath is the alchemy store, Grave Concoctions, run by a Redguard named Zaria. Unlike Lod or Solaf, there aren’t that many quests that involve Zaria, though she can be a potential target for the Hired Muscle radiant quests that force the player to brawl her for money she owes. Strangely, Zaria is an essential character and can’t die in any situation as she was supposed to succeed Helvard, the Housecarl for the Thane of Falkreath should they die.


Like most cities, there isn’t much in the way of chests or other loot that can be found in Falkreath, though there are some useful items that can be found in various businesses and buildings throughout Falkreath. In particular, there is an Alchemy skill book inside Grave Concoctions, De Rerum Dirennis, under some baskets in the back-right corner of the shop. Lod’s House also holds a Smithing skill book, Light Armor Forging, on a barrel in the downstairs area.

There are several other skill books found throughout Falkreath that should be useful to any character class you are trying to make. The Hall of the Dead also holds a Conjuration skill book, The Doors of Oblivion, found under the bed on the left-hand side. Dead Man’s Drink also holds a Speech skill book, A Dance in Fire, Book VI, behind the counter.

The Jarl’s Longhouse holds the most notable items in Falkreath, with a Block skill book, Death Blow of Abernanit, on a table in the left-hand room, a Pickpocket skill book, A Guide to Better Thieving, inside an Expert level locked display case in the Jarl’s bedroom, and a copy of The Legend of Red Eagle, which will trigger the start of the quest of the same name. Completing The Legend of Red Eagle quest will grant you Red Eagle’s Bane, an Ancient Nordic Sword with a Fire and Turn Undead enchantment that functions similarly to Dawnbreaker, though without the explosive effects.

To the right of the Jarl’s bed, inside another locked box, you can also find an Ancient Nord Amulet with the same design as Kyne’s Token and the Gauldur Amulet, though this version is not enchanted and, unfortunately, can’t be enchanted.


There aren’t many quests that can be started in Falkreath, though the ones that are featured in this city are some of the better ones. The most notable are the two Daedric Artifact quests, Ill Met By Moonlight for Hircine and A Daedra’s Best Friend for Clavicus Vile. Within Falreath Hold itself, however, can be found the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary, where you can begin the Dark Brotherhood questline if you have encountered Astrid already.

Ill Met By Moonlight can be started by talking to Sinding, a prisoner inside the Falkreath Barracks who was imprisoned for killing a child while his werewolf form went out of control. Completing this quest can, if done correctly, reward you with both the Savior’s Hide light armor and Ring of Hircine, which grants multiple werewolf transformations rather than being limited to one-per-day.

A Daedra’s Best Friend can be started by talking to Lod, who is usually just outside Lod’s House working. After he tells you that he is looking for a dog, he will give you some meat to entice the creature, who will turn out to be Barbas, the canine companion to Clavicus Vile. As he is an essential follower, Barbas is immortal and can be a very useful sidekick to bring along on your adventures should you wish to not complete the quest at all.

The final quest, which actually takes place within the Hold by outside of the city, is Hunter and Hunted, where you will get revenge on a group of Spriggans for Valdyr after healing him. Once the quest is completed, he will return to Falkreath and reward you with Valdyr’s Lucky Dagger, which has a 25% chance to deal critical damage.


There are a handful of hidden elements around Falkreath, though none are particularly impactful in the grand scheme of things. During the main quest, Diplomatic Immunity, Jarl Siddgeir is one of the few people you can ask to cause a distraction for you, should you not want to employ Razelan’s drunken shenanigans. If you sided with the Stormcloaks in the Civil War, Siddgeir will be de-throned and replaced by his uncle, Dengeir, while Siddgeir moves on.

While Falkreath is most well known for its graveyard, it also hides a small easter egg surrounding the release of Skyrim connected to this aspect. Each gravestone has the date 11.11.11 engraved on it, the original release date of Skyrim for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

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