Someone Hacked An Otakon Arcade Machine To Play Morbius At 144p

Given the dramatic and hilarious defeat Morbius faced at the box office (twice) this year, most of us probably thought that we'd heard the last of Sony's ill-conceived Spider-Man spin-off. Guess again.

A fellow Morbhead decided to use Otakon to spread the good word of our Morb and saviour, Morbius. For some reason, someone actually rigged an arcade machine to play the full Morbius movie, in crisp 144p quality as I'm sure the director intended. This spread the word of Morbius to all attendees, making it so they couldn't escape the biggest double flop of 2022.

As you can see in a picture of the incident, one of the arcade machines at Otakon doesn't look quite like the others. While attendees enjoy the various games on offer, one of the rigs is clearly playing Morbius, with Jared Leto's vampire protagonist proudly on full display.

In case you're wondering how this came about, someone has already claimed responsibility for the incident. Twitter user ZeronXepher has revealed that they were behind the impromptu Morbius screening, since the rig wasn't in use anyway. If you're at another convention in the area, it's worth keeping an eye out – you might be able to meet some fellow Morbheads while you're there.

Morbius has been inescapable this convention season. As we recently covered, Matt Smith got asked Morbius-related questions at his San Diego Comic-Con panel for House of the Dragon. He either didn't get the references, or seemed quite irritated that he was being asked about a completely different project to the one he was meant to be promoting. Milo is not a Morbhead, it seems.

In better news for the Morbius community, we now have a (very unofficial) video game. Morbsweeper sees players evade negative Rotten Tomatoes scores, boosting its reviews until it reaches the high marks it deserves. Yes, it is essentially Minesweeper but with Morbius. But hey, Morb.

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