Someone Has Turned Skyrim Into A Third-Person Zombie Shooter

We all love mods. They can improve certain aspects of our favorite games, or they can be absolutely horrible, like that one mod for Stray that morphs CJ from GTA: San Andreas into a cat creature. Sometimes they can go so far as to transform a game entirely, which is exactly what YouTuber Salmagros has done and showcased in one of their latest videos titled "Not Even A Trace Of Skyrim Is Left…"

As can be seen in the video embedded below, Skyrim has been completely transformed into a very rough third-person zombie shooter. The video shows the player gunning down horrible monstrosities with what appears to be a magnum along with a second player that starts attacking them with some kind of rifle.

Just like one of those images you see on social media every now and again, the video gets a lot worse the more you watch it. Despite the name of the video, there are a couple of traces of Skyrim still present, one of which being the game's compass which is still visible over the top of the health, magic, and stamina bars. There's also a very brief moment in which one of the characters talk and the subtitle font from Skyrim is still there.

Character voice lines also appear to be unchanged, enemies have very Skyrim-esque health bars, and the second player teleports via a swarm of bats, similar to how vampires do in the vanilla game. Everything else has been changed though, so much so that if you showed it to anyone with an interest in gaming, or even some Skyrim fans, it would be unrecognisable. Still, I guess it goes to show how customizable Skyrim is for modders, with one YouTube commenter pointing out that the game is actually more of an engine these days.

If you're in the market for a less drastic mod, why not consider downloading Shadow of Skyrim, an amazing creation that adds Shadow of Mordor's nemesis system to the game. Literally anything across Skyrim that ends up taking your life can become a true rival, whether that be a huge intimidating dragon, or a measly Mudcrab.

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