Someone Has Turned Stardew Valley Into A Roguelike

If you've ever sat there playing Stardew Valley, picking your 1000th turnip, and wished that the game had a little bit more action to get your blood pumping, there's now a new mod that turns a fairly mundane part of the title in a roguelike.

First shared by GamesRadar, a modder called Tyler and TheHaboo has taken the mining part of Stardew Valley and crafted a full-blown roguelike that you can take on if you want a farming sim with a bit more of challenge in it. The mod is called "The Abyss" and sees players fighting through several levels of a very deep mine to try and post the best score.

Of course, it wouldn't be a roguelike without some tough boss fights, and the modder has added several new features that you'd typically see in roguelikes like The Binding of Isaac or the recently released Cult of the Lamb. The Abyss will include ten separate floors, each one with a big boss fight at the end, unique challenges, in-game perks and curses, a leaderboard system, difficulty scaling, hard mode, and a lot more that makes this one of the more impressive mods for the title.

The modder has even included a trailer for The Abyss which you can find embedded above. Best of all, there's even a competition going at the moment if you feel like jumping in and trying it out, as the person that finishes The Abyss the quickest before September 18 will receive a $100 Amazon gift card, with a $200 gift going to the person that finishes the game fastest on Hardcore difficulty. If you fancy your chances, you can go download The Abyss on Nexus Mods, though be aware you'll need to uninstall any mods to officially log your time.

In related news, Stardew Valley creator ConcernedApe gave us some more details on their new game Haunted Chocolatier. It promises be a little more intense than Stardew as well, as the game will apparently feature salsa music and a variety of different boss battles.

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