Sonic Fans Want Crush 40 Music To Be Used In The Next Movie

If there's one thing the Sonic games are known for, it's their banging soundtracks. Crush 40 knocks it out the park no matter the assignment, and no matter if the game is actually good or not. Considering their musical talent is the only consistently good aspect of the games, many fans are surprised that the films haven't featured them yet, or even had a nod to a hit from the rock music duo.

Now, with a third film already confirmed – and one that looks set to take inspiration from games that Crush 40 produced music for – fans are calling on Paramount to use their tracks. The fan favourite Live and Learn is a popular suggestion, although some would also like to see edgier hits like I Am… All Of Me be shown some love. (Spoilers for Sonic the Hedgehog 2 below.)

Okay, before we go any further, we have to talk about that post-credits scene. Shadow the Hedgehog is in the movie-verse now, and is almost definitely going to be the main antagonist in Sonic 3. Since his discovery in Sonic 2 was pretty lore-friendly (albeit without Eggman being the one to find him), it stands to reason that we'll be following the events of Sonic Adventure 2 – and with any luck, we'll get its soundtrack.

"No music from the games. What's even up with that? If Live and Learn isn't in the next one, I swear I'm going to riot", says Reddit user Flintlocke98, talking in a Sonic 2 spoiler thread.

"I've been pretty sad that they haven't been using as much Sonic music as I would have liked. Must Paramount fork out who-knows how much money for out-dated pop songs?", agrees Hyperon_Ion.

Others hope that the theme of Shadow's 2005 spin-off game isn't forgotten, such as Silverfire12, who writes: "Petition to have Shadow’s reveal in the movie accompanied by Crush 40. Specifically some instrumental of I Am All of Me".

Some also feel that Sonic 2 missed an opportunity to bring back another iconic track from the games. "The fact that Sonic Heroes (The song) from Sonic Heroes (The Game) didn't play at any moment of the movie. Annoys me to no end.", says Paulo_Zero. Admittedly, such a cheesy song about Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles coming together as a team could have been the perfect way to round off the movie.

Despite this, the film is proving to be a hit with fans, and a huge success at the box office. It's already taken over its predecessor's opening week box office earnings, raking in $70 million in the US alone.

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