Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Speedrunner Gets First Sub 13-Minute Run

A speedrunner has just made Sonic the Hedgehog 2 history, blasting through the game in just 12 minutes, 59 seconds. This is the first recorded run under the 13-minute mark, and proves that lower times in the 30-year-old game are still possible.

The run was completed in the Sonic 2 Beat the Game category, which requires runners to finish all the levels through almost any means necessary. Speedrunner eandis pulls off all kinds of skips and glitches to make the incredibly short time possible, getting through levels in ways most of us wouldn't even think of.

You can watch the full run below, but it plays very differently from how you'd expect a Sonic 2 playthrough to go. Through memorizing the stages and the most known efficient ways to get through them – even in ways the devs did not intend – eandis is able to break the 13-minute barrier, pushing the record down a full second from the previous best time.

The run has been verified, and now sits in the top spot on the leaderboards. It remains to be seen if one of the other runners can bring the time down even further.

While in real-time, this world record is actually longer than the second-place run, the record is calculated using the in-game clock. This is because pausing the game strategically is used in some of the skips, and in turn, pauses the clock. Since eandis pulls this off a lot, their in-game time is lower, and is therefore the new record.

For obvious reasons, classic Sonic games have been a hit with speedrunners for years. Yet that doesn't mean the more recent offerings aren't shown some love too. As we covered earlier today, fans are already speedrunning Sonic Frontiers, getting some stage times down to as little as 22-seconds. This comes through a mix of incredible play and figuring out huge, unintended skips in the levels. We don't seem to have a full-story mode speedrun just yet, but knowing the community, that won't take long either.

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