Sony And Microsoft Aren’t Giving Everybody A Cyberpunk 2077 Refund

Despite earlier promises from CD Projekt Red, it seems that not every Cyberpunk 2077 purchase is equal in the eyes of Sony and Microsoft.

While the publisher/developer ensured unhappy customers that they could get a refund, many report that their requests have been denied on both the PlayStation and Xbox storefronts.

Players took to Twitter to voice their understandable frustration.

“How can you justify revoking my refund request for Cyberpunk 2077,” wrote one buyer. “The game is unplayable and I deserve my money back. It’s a disgrace.”

“After CD Projekt Red told us that PSN would issue a refund for #Cyberpunk, my refund request was denied,” wrote another. “What the heck?!”

As of this writing, neither Sony nor Microsoft have issued statements in regards to Cyberpunk refunds. Considering Sony has already issued refunds to certain customers, it seems strange that they would start picking and choosing who could get their money back.

Considering the myriad game-breaking bugs, crashes, and general lack of polish of the console versions, one can only hope this isn’t a trend. Whatever your opinion game may be, the fact remains that what customers were promised and what they got were two different things. With games being as expensive as they are, it’s entirely justified that some customers would want their money back to get something a bit more stable.

We’ll keep you updated when Sony and Microsoft make statements regarding these refunds.

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