Sorry Redfall Fans, You Can’t Romance The Vampires

Vampires are hot. Let's just get that out of the way – Twilight's Robert Pattinson stole the hearts of fans everywhere, even if the movies didn't, and What We Do in the Shadows continues to prove that vampires are sexy, and vampires are in. But not in Redfall.

The team at Arkane put a lot of thought into designing its take on vampires, trying to break from the mould and do something new while keeping all the signature motifs that make them recognisable as undead bloodsuckers intact. Yes, they're scared of the dark, have fangs, feast on blood, and rope humans into their cult of familiars, but they aren't twinkling divas looking for a snog between sips.

As revealed in Bethesda's newest video, "Bringing Redfall to life with Arkane Austin", none of the vampires are romantic interests. They're evil of the highest order, with some even having world-bending reality powers, punching holes in reality to create pocket dimensions. You, a little vampire hunter, are not on their radar, no matter how much you beg.

Maybe one day we'll get a Redfall dating sim spin-off that lets us bump uglies with these highly-fashionable uglies, but for now, it's off the tables. That isn't dissuading their followers though who are described as bootlicking cultists desperate to become vampires themselves.

Think Guillermo from the aforementioned What We Do in the Shadows. You're either playing as Jacob, Devinder, Remy, or Layla, so you won't get a chance to live life as one of these bootlickers, but maybe you can bait a vamp or two to step on you. It worked for Lady Dimitrescu.

While these (not blood)thirsty cultists are vying for the attention of mommy and daddy vamp, they're getting powers and being turned into literal blood bags, like milk cows. And they enjoy it! That's because familiars can be modified and twisted into superhumans with unique powers and abilities – they're far tougher than just dudes with guns and masks. So while you can't romance 'em, at least you can take them for all they've got.

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