Splatoon 3: 10 Best Side Characters In The Game

Playing any Splatoon game, Splatoon 3 included, is kind of like moving into a new neighborhood. There are a bunch of established norms and familiar faces – the more time you spend hanging around and going about your day, the more familiar all of it becomes to you.

These games don't have particularly large casts, but that helps all the characters, even the incidental ones, shine all the brighter in their various quirks and traits. Whether they're helping you save the world or just selling you the freshest gear, the denizens of Splatsville all have something interesting to bring to the table.

Please note that we'll be getting into spoilers for Splatoon 3's Hero Mode, as well as several of its Sunken Scroll collectibles.

10 The New Squidbeak Splatoon – The Freshest Generation

For an indeterminate time, the New Squidbeak Splatoon was made up of Callie, Marie, and Cap'n Cuttlefish. With Cuttlefish's retirement, the former Agent 3 has been promoted to Captain, and the Splatoon has never been stronger. Under the Captain's leadership, Callie and Marie have managed to become even more capable agents than they were before.

The moment they get the word about the new Agent 3 falling into Alterna, they immediately break in and set up a base camp to conduct an investigation and rescue the kidnapped Cuttlefish. That's not even mentioning the fact that the Captain is basically a superhero, with strength and skill enough to efficiently wield tools and weapons many times their own size.

9 Deep Cut – You Lip-Sync, They Drip Ink

The idol trio of the Splatlands, Shiver, Frye, and Big Man work during the day as small-time musicians and the hosts of the local Anarachy Splatcast news broadcast. Out of the public eye, though, the three work in the background as chivalrous bandits, pilfering riches from any source they can uncover.

While they take a small cut of whatever loot they get to keep a roof over their heads, the majority of the profits from Deep Cut's banditry go to support the downtrodden of Splatsville. Not everyone can afford the freshest gear (or even food and shelter), which is why Deep Cut makes it a priority to help the less fortunate however they can, even if it requires mildly unsavory tactics.

8 Ex-Cap'n Cuttlefish – Retired, But Still Kicking

It's rather telling of Cuttlefish's dedication to the safety of Inkling society that he's at least a few hundred years old and only just retired from his position as captain of the New Squidbeak Splatoon. The guy's been around the block and has an incredible wealth of knowledge, even if his brain's been pickled a bit by the passage of time.

Despite retiring, Cuttlefish can't seem to keep his beak out of trouble. When he discovers the Fuzzy Ooze proliferating in the Crater, he immediately recruits the new Agent 3 to conduct an investigation. He does end up getting kidnapped, but if not for that initial investigation, the Splatoon may not have uncovered a potentially world-ending scheme.

7 DJ Octavio – An Octopus Of Priorities

As the supreme commander of the Octarian military, DJ Octavio has been a recurring threat to the Inkling way of life for years now. He is dangerous for certain, though he does have his priorities. In the case of Splatoon 3, when his Octarian troops start going missing, he conducts his own investigation to track them down and bring them home

In the climax of Hero Mode, when Agent 3 is nearly launched into space, Octavio flies to their rescue and helps them put a stop to the menace of the Fuzzy Ooze. Octavio may not have much love for Inklings, and especially not the Splatoon, but even he can understand a world-ending cataclysm when he sees one.

6 Sheldon – One Savvy Businessman

Throughout the entire Splatoon series, Sheldon has remained a universal constant. No matter what city you visit, there's always an Ammo Knights branch, and Sheldon is always the one staffing it. Sheldon goes where the Turf War action is, even if that means packing up and moving all the way out into the Splatlands. He's just that wacky about weapons.

Sheldon also deserves special credit for implementing his Sheldon License system for purchasing weapons. It's convenient, user-friendly, and saves customers cash to spend on gear. We can only imagine the kind of pull Sheldon must have with the local Splat league if they let him implement such a thing with no questions.

5 Harmony – Doesn't Even Work Here

Have you ever frequented a convenience store enough that pretty much everyone, both staff and customer, knows you by name? Harmony is that for Hotlantis. She does not work there, and as the lead singer of the famous techno group, Chirpy Chips, most likely has better things to do than stand around and watch it, but she does so anyway.

Whenever Harmony sells you something, she doesn't even seem sure about what you're going to do with it. Even so, she knows the store well enough to get you just about anything you could need, be it products or catalog rewards. How much time did she loiter around before the owner started trusting her like this? We may never know.

4 Mr. Coco – Equal Parts Intimidating And Wonderful

The first time you see Mr. Coco, proprietor of Crush Station, you'd probably be a bit intimidated. The guy is, quite frankly, gigantic, and his face does very little emoting. However, beneath that literally hard exterior beats the golden heart of one of the most genuinely nice people in Splatsville.

If you enter his store below level four, rather than berate or dismiss you like other shopkeepers, Mr. Coco expresses genuine concern for your freshness. He sees someone in need, and immediately wants to do whatever he can to help them. Also, when you buy his shoes, you can see his eyes light up with pride, which is just adorable.

3 Jel La Fleur – Fashion Is His Passion

When you first step into Man-o'-Wardrobe, its proprietor, Jel La Fleur, may seem a bit uptight, to say the least. He, like most shopkeepers, has a base requirement of freshness for his clientele, but he also maintains a strict "you touch it, you buy it" policy. Unless you're there to buy something, Fleur does not want you in his store.

For those who are there to actually shop, though, Fleur makes it a priority to provide excellent service. According to the Sunken Scrolls, Man-o'-Wardrobe is open 24/7, with Fleur's policy being that "your fashion emergency is our fashion emergency." He cares about fashion down to the core of his being and is happy to spread his good taste to the masses.

2 Gnarly Eddy And Nails – Small Dudes, Big Business

Many of the shopkeepers in the Splatoon series, especially the headgear ones, have a particular relationship: one normal-sized shopkeeper, and a little sea critter sidekick floating next to them. Gnarly Eddy and Nails seem to fit that formula to a tee, but in actuality, it's reversed. Nails is the owner of Naut Coutre, while Gnarly Eddy is just an employee, albeit Nails' favorite one.

Despite his small stature, Nails is quite enthusiastic about his shop and his relationship with Eddy. In the Sunken Scrolls, he can be seen regularly taking selfies of himself with the storefront and Eddy, tagging them with all kinds of peppy hashtags like #PondSnailLikeABoss and #EddyIsGnarly.

1 "Marigold" – Friendly Staff, Or Something More?

This mysterious individual (or possibly individuals) can be seen manning the Recon service, Tableturf Dojo, and Crab-n-Go, but the only name they give is "Staff." Their Tableturf card identifies them as "Marigold," but which one of them does that name refer to?

According to the Sunken Scrolls, it may refer to all of them and none of them. These three fish ladies apparently share the same nickname, while they individually go under the aliases Nishiyo Oranda, Poisson Rouge, and Ran Chi-Yu. Which one is which, and why do they share this name? No one knows.

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