Splatoon 3 Nintendo Direct Coming August 10

Nintendo has just announced another targeted Direct coming on August 10. The next Direct showcase will be all about Splatoon 3, with "roughly 30 minutes of updates."

The Splatoon 3 Direct presentation arrives Wednesday, August 10, at 6 AM PT (9 AM ET). Like the most recent Xenoblade 3 Direct, this presentation will be solely focused on Splatoon 3, with Nintendo likely to unveil the game’s story, characters, and more.

There’s already been a lot revealed about Splatoon 3, from the many weapons set to return from previous games to the likelihood that Marina will not be the game's primary antagonist as many had speculated. We’ll hopefully receive an explanation for the Alterna, a strange realm full of floating and twisted shards of what appears to be a bygone human civilization. Alternra's aesthetic bears a striking resemblance to Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, with entire cities wrapped upon themselves.

We'll likely see more of Splatoon 3's character customization options, which includes new haircuts and even the option to customize your Inkling's eyebrows. Multiplayer has always been a mainstay of Splatoon, so we're also likely to see more multiplayer stages like the recently revealed Mincemeat Metalworks.

Nintendo definitely considers Splatoon 3 one of its key releases for 2022. The Japanese publisher plans to highlight the game's arrival with a Splatoon OLED Switch, which will have Joy-Cons covered in Splatoon designs. There's also a Switch Pro controller and docking station, but those will be available after the Splatoon OLED Switch, which comes August 26. The rest arrives September 9, the same day as Splatoon 3 becomes available.

Customization is becoming a bigger deal for Nintendo in its most recent releases. Thanks to the recent Pokemon Scarlet & Violet trailer released last week, fans are hoping that the next generation of open-world Pokemon titles will have more skin tone options to better represent themselves in the Pokemon world. One Reddit post noted that the four shown in the trailer just isn't enough.

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