Splatoon 3 Trailer Shows Off An Array Of New Weapons

Splatoon 3 is right around the corner and Nintendo is ramping up the excitement with a new gameplay trailer. The seven-minute video, released on Nintendo Japan’s YouTube channel, offers a deep dive into what players can expect from this paint-splashing “threequel”. This includes a look at all the new paint-shooting weapons players can get their hands on.

This new trailer is our best look yet at what Splatoon 3 will look like when it releases in a little over a week. It shows off the basic mechanics of the game, as well as the different game modes, new characters, and different arenas. However, one of the more interesting aspects showcased in the video is all the fun weapons you can use to paint over your enemies.

You start with your everyday array of weapons found in a shooting game. There are a variety of guns with different shooting methods like a small water gun that acts like a pistol and a larger bazooka-esque paint launcher. You can also keep it old school with a paint launching bow or stick to the rooftops with a laser-focused sniper.

Then, things get a little more interesting. With Splatoon 3 being a paint-based game, the weaponry sticks to that theme to come up with some interesting tools of destruction. For example, you can mow down multiple enemies with large paint rollers, or you can get personal with a handheld roller that flings a curved projectile of paint at unsuspecting victims.

Splatoon 3 also offers a more hi-tech method of attack, with large homing paint cans that track down other players, as well as ground-level traps that explode when stepped on. You can also play Jackson Pollock and send a grenade of exploding paint to splatter all over the battlefield, or go the traditional Bob Ross route with a large paintbrush.

No matter your weapon of choice, Splatoon 3 has something to bring out the inner artist in everyone!

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