Square Enix Shares Nier Replicant’s New Opening Cinematic

Nier Replicant’s remake is just around the corner, and Square Enix has picked up the pace on promotional material. After going live with new clips for Japanese fans, you can now check out the opening sequence to Nier Replicant’s shot-for-shot remake in this latest English video.

On Twitter, Square Enix mentioned that the new footage mirrored the old opening sequence from the 2010 version. It’s a shot-for-shot revamp, boasting improved graphics, new music, and fresh voice recordings. You’ll hear familiar characters like Kaine in the sequence, who Laura Bailey returned to reprise her role as and record new lines.

The trailer contains what you may consider spoilers, but it’s all content you would see at the opening of the game, anyway. There are plenty of out of context flashes of pivotal moments in Nier Replicant, so be warned before proceeding. You can check out the new video below.

We earlier covered the Japanese version of the trailer, which Square Enix released hours before. If you’re more keen on the original Japanese actors, you can check out that footage still.

Eagle-eyed Nier Replicant fans may also notice more than just a glow up for the tragic cast of characters. Kaine’s voice lines have become notably more aggressive, as she’s added a few new choice words to her vocabulary (or really just increased their use). And this latest drop isn’t the only new bit of Nier Replicant footage Square Enix has released, either. You can check out nine minutes of brand new gameplay footage from the remake, showing off the Barren Temple and familiar scenes from the location.

Nier Replicant isn’t far off from launch, as it launches on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam on April 24 of this year. If enough fans show their support, series producer Yosuke Saito and director Yoko Taro even suggested we may see Papa Nier added later as DLC. It’s not quite clear if the comment was made in gest, but fans in the west may be excited by the addition considering he was their first experience with the game.

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