SSX Tricky Creator Is Working On A Spiritual Successor To The Original Trilogy

The creator of the original SSX trilogy is working on an all-new free-to-play snowboarding game.

The handful of games that are yet to be remastered or have fans campaigning for a remaster gets smaller by the day. Despite the market being flooded with remakes right now, there are some popular titles that remain dormant. The Simpson’s Hit and Run, for instance. PS2 classic SSX Tricky is another popular title that isn’t getting the remaster treatment, but fans of it could be about to get the next best thing.

During an interview with Laptop Mag, Steve Rechtschaffner revealed he is currently working on a new free-to-play snowboarding game. Rechtschaffner was an executive producer on the first three SSX games, including the incredibly popular SSX Tricky. According to Gaming Bible, his new project, which is currently named Project Gravity, will share some of SSX’s DNA.

That being said, Rechtschaffner wanted to be clear that Project Gravity, or whatever his new title will be called when eventually released, is in no way connected to the SSX games. “What we are working on is not rooted in the world of SSX… if we were, we’d be working with EA to create a reboot of SSX. It’s not that at all,” Rechtschaffner explained. However, it does sound like fans of the SSX franchise will enjoy his new game.

“We don’t want to be beholden to people’s expectations of where that goes. But we do want to make this arcadey, amazing-feeling, very accessible, competitive, and fun game,” Rechtschaffner adds. So even though it won’t be the SSX Tricky a lot of people are clamoring for, it very much sounds as if its developers are attempting to recapture what made the snowboarding game so popular 20 years on from its release.

As for whether an SSX Tricky will ever be made, that still seems unlikely. If there is anything in the works, Rechtschaffner doesn’t appear to know about it. Plus, during an interview more than a year ago, Rechtschaffner clarified that the decision for a remaster is in the hands of SSX and whoever currently owns the IP. Project Gravity is currently in very early development, but hopefully, it won’t be too long a wait until it’s released.

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