Stalker 2 Would Be Impossible On PS4 And Xbox One, According To Dev

The Ukrainian studio GSC Game World is currently working on Stalker 2, the long-anticipated sequel to the atmospheric first-person shooter, originally released on PC in 2006. The developers said Stalker 2 would be a huge step forward for the brand, and the game is designed in a way only possible with the power of the new platforms.

Speaking to Gamingbolt, the studio’s PR manager Zakhar Bocharov revealed why the upcoming Stalker 2 is releasing only on PC and Xbox Series X/S. According to Bocharov, the studio didn’t want to limit the project by last-gen hardware, as the team intended to make Stalker 2 long-lasting among the players, like the original game. Bocharov emphasized that Stalker 2 is a real next-generation experience, and “it’s impossible to run it on PS4 and Xbox One.”

While this may sound a bit far-fetched, as Stalker 2 utilizes Unreal Engine 4 at its core, the reason can be hidden in the scope of the game’s world. The developers already said that Stalker 2 will have “a huge seamless open-world, needed to make the story work the way it should.” The game’s predecessors, in return, had only some big separate locations, tied together with loading transitions.

Bocharov also touched upon the topic of potential Stalker 2 release on other platforms, such as PlayStation 5. The PR manager said the studio currently has no plans to bring the sequel to PS5 or other consoles. Bocharov pointed to the deal with Microsoft for Stalker 2, which has some huge benefits for the franchise. For example, Stalker 2 would be available on day one via Xbox Game Pass subscription, which may greatly increase the game’s audience at launch.

Stalker 2 currently hasn’t the official release date, yet one of the voice-over actors recently hinted the studio “wants to release the game by winter.” Later, Bocharov said this comment should be regarded as a rumor, and the studio will officially announce the release window only when the time comes. Possibly, the game will not be coming this year after all, as the players still haven’t see Stalker 2’s real gameplay.

Stalker 2 is in development for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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