Star Wars: Squadrons – How To Get Glory

Glory is more than just an intangible honor in Star Wars: Squadrons but a physical (or rather digital) currency you can accumulate and spend in the game for awesome rewards. You’ll use Glory to unlock all sorts of cosmetic items to customize both your pilot and ships to fully personalize your Star Wars fantasies. With so much to unlock, you’ll want to know not only how to get Glory, but the best ways to do so. Join our formation and we’ll show you the ropes in this guide.

How To Get Glory In Star Wars: Squadrons

There are three primary ways you can get Glory in Star Wars: Squadrons. These are the Daily Challenges, increasing your Fleet Battle Rank, and leveling up in multiplayer. You’ll notice that Glory is not available for purchase. In a massive turn from the launch of Battlefront 2, Squadrons has absolutely no microtransactions of any kind. If you want to unlock any cosmetics, you’re going to have to earn it through one of these methods.

Daily Challenges

Daily Challenges should be familiar to most by now, but are small tasks that you can complete every day for 100 Glory. These can be anything from completing a number of Dogfight matches, wining matches of Fleet Battles against AI, or destroying a number of enemy ships while piloting a specific ship. There will be three daily challenges available each day to complete, allowing you to get 300 Glory from them each day if you can do them all.

Fleet Battle Rank

Your Fleet Battle Rank is increased by the game’s Operations, which works almost like a battle pass system. You have one Operation you’re working towards at a time in a series, and completing the full Operation will give you a ton of Glory.

Multiplayer Level

The final method you can earn Glory through in Squadrons is playing and ranking up in the game’s competitive multiplayer modes. This way will get you the smallest amount of Glory per shot, getting level two will only award you 200 Glory for example, but could be the fastest depending on your skill and how the leveling curve works.

If you’re looking for the fastest way to earn Glory, combining all three methods is the obvious way to go. Check out your Daily Challenges and current Operation, then start working towards them in Multiplayer. Some may ask you to play in other modes, but for the most part you can be chipping away at all three at once to really build up that Glory.

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